30 comments on “Dink and Chewy’s Chocolate Factory

    • I’d have to agree wit you there, Paulette! This last weekend I had just shy of 140 adopted wombies visiting and they all had a great time!

  1. I’m glad Dink and Chewy’s chocolate factory is up and running! It should be able to supply your clan with sufficient chocolate year round. The weekend party sounds fantastic, but I hope you can cope with all the Wombies that are going to show up. I think all our houses will be packed to the rafters!

    • Oh this factory is going to make my life so much easier, plus is keeps Dink and Chewy busy.
      We’ll be fine this coming weekend to accommodate everyone, even if they are packed to the rafters!
      I think to it’s time to build another beach house, maybe for Twink or Winky, or my own for that matter. Or, maybe I ought to just have a Wombie sized hotel built!

    • You can stop in here, or you can stop in any of the linked beach houses to visit the Wombie houses. Don’t worry, they’ll be one wombie or another there. 🙂
      I don’t understand why you don’t adopt a couple of wombies. They don’t take up much space. Maybe you could order a shy pair so they would have to be seen in public much. I have one or two of those.

  2. This is AMAZING!!!! I’ve hit all of your locations and I’m astounded at the beach houses and cabin!
    The crew of Wombania must just be so pleased to have you around creating art. Glorious GLORIOUS art!!!

  3. Free chocolate and free delivery,
    now that’s definitely worth all the
    effort of ordering some 🙂 Mmmm
    and made in Wombania too, that
    chocolate must taste awesome 🙂

    Andro xxxx

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