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Face Off


Fraz and Burt

I wonder which one of these two can come up with the most trouble.

Who do you think and why?

About the artwork Wallpaper I had of Bart Simpson, then added Fraz who was created by Peter at Wombania.

Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls_1-25-2012You can click image to see larger.

With all this cold weather we and my friend have been having I thought it would be refreshing to see the country in full bloom with a mountain background and waterfall….just thinking warm.

Digital artwork ©

Snow Day and Fraz

While the snowfall is plenty and the temperatures are cold, I still built me a snowman, just not outside. I made this one instead and had just as much fun.



Then I thought is would be fun to incorporate Fraz, since I know if it’s snowing out he would surely build a snowman.


Fraz and Snowman

If you don’t know who Fraz is you can visit him at his home at:


Far Far Away

Sunet meadow.-800

Far Away Meadow

Driving into town, this is the kind of views we get to see.

© 2015

Snowman Portrait


Snowman 2015

Digitally drawn snowman since the sky has dropped about 5″ on snow today.

© 2015

Drawing at the Beach


Sand Dunes by Cape Hatteras Pier

A little sketch I had done between dipping in the ocean and taking in sun rays next to Hatteras Pier

Charcoal drawing


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