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Happy Wombat Day 2016

wombat-day-2016-2Winky wants to share his chocolate cake for Wombat Day.

If this is not enough chocolate for you then you can head over to the party at:http://www.comics.wombania.com/2016/10/wombat-day-2016/

Summer Sunset

sunset scence-charcoal-flamingo-overlay-reversed-650A charcoal drawing with a silhouette flamingo overlay.


Winter Tree


Winter Tree

Digital drawing and layer of a dead tree with an antique border




Landscape and mountain reflection

Happy Valentine’s Day

stick-people-heart-valentine's-day-background-600Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Wombat Day 2015


Fraz delivers chocolate on Wombat Day

For this years Wombat day celebration Fraz from Wombania has decided to drop chocolate off all around the world to all of his friends on his Prancer Pig…and everyone is Fraz’s friend when he’s delivering chocolate

Happy Wombat Day everyone!

Join the Wombat party at Wombania today!!


Owl Family


Owl Famiy

Whimsical painting of an owl family

Close relatives of Owlberta

I’m new at acrylics and wanted to try something a bit more challenging than what I’ve been doing. I found a YouTube video speed painting of an owl family sitting in the hollow of a tree, then tried my hand at it.

About the art: Acrylics by Debbie Adams all rights reserved © 2015

Acrylic Painting: Whimsical Owl


Whimsical Owl

An acrylic painting of a cute whimsical owl.

Debbie Adams all rights reserved © 2015

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