116 comments on “Binky’s Beach House has Opened for the Spring and Summer!

    • You too, my friend! I’ve been off line of a week with the transition to the Island…Good to be here and online.
      Love you, my friend!
      Hugs, xx

  1. Ohhh Deb! I’m happy to see this work again. It is one of my favorite paintings ever.
    It’s made me want to use oil pastels, remember? (I’ll try when I have more time, i.e. in 6 weeks… I can’t wait!).
    Anyway I LOOOVE this new version with almost the whole family 🙂 Everyone seems to have so much fun!!! You guys are so lucky!!
    (Just so you know, Vanille and Coco are a little bit depressed ’cause they feel so far away. But I’m here for them.)
    Have fun too on the beach, Deb!!!

    • You book a flight for Coco and Vanille to the Norfolk Air Port in North Carolina USA as soon as possible on my Wombie Credit card. The card is issued from the lab in the beach house, and as you know, the beach house runs out of nothing…including Wombie money. Its an approved credit card through the government that loves to spend money on vacations. Once they are here they can be at Binky’s Beach house and I will take a beautiful picture of all them together to send to you, and of course post here too!….Don’t feel left out sweetie. They will be having fun in no time at all.
      Love you,
      Hugs, xx

      • Skip the flight, Cha. Binky has already rocketed them here once he got the news! They’re all having fun and they can share the clothing…I’ll bring and extra set of cloths over right away for Coco and Vanille.
        Love and Hugs, xx

  2. Planning trips can be surprisingly stressful at times! Speaking of which, I hope the A.C. gets resolved for you! So happy to hear that you arrived safely, though, Deb! That is the main thing, of course! And that you get a chance to have some fun, too!
    Love your piece, naturally! Adam’s Art and Wombies? Impossible to go wrong with that combination!

    • There has been a degree of stress, but it’s all good and worth it. Mitch had a guy here already checking it out and it turns out we need a new relay board for the A/C. He’s online now getting prices. Once it gets here the A/C man will come back to put it in for use. Cha ching!$$
      Thanks for the comment, Sig…You always make my day!
      Hugs, xx

  3. Oh Deb, you’re so cute!! I was about to turn off my computer but I had to say thank you!!!
    You did this second work in no time!!!!! You’re so AWESOME!
    Oh and I don’t even know how to thank Binky. I couldn’t have afforded 2 plane tickets for my babies… The Wombies are such a wondeful family!!! Now I want to paint even more wombats. Ahah

    Thanks a lot Deb, I’ll visit your blog again tomorrow! 🙂 I really have to go! MERCI MILLE FOIS! (= 1000 times)

    • Oh, you wouldn’t have had to pay. The Wombie credit card would have taken the charge, and the wombie lab to re-creates things endlessly would have made the money for it too…real wombie money that is, and it just so happens that the Wombie Credit Card bank holders accept Wombie money.
      Bink came to the rescue!
      See you in the morrow!
      Love and Hugs, xx

      • Oooh I guess I was too tired yesterday. I forgot to read the first part.
        Wow I’m not sure I understand everything (sorry). But I would never have accepted to book a flight on YOUR Wombie credit card, I’m too polite to do such things! lol I’m sorry I often answer after a long day.. so I’m sleepy. 😀 It’s been hard lately.
        Hope you’ve had a lovely day with the Wombies and Mitch, Deb. 🙂

        • Wombie credit cards are paid for with Wombie money, and Wombie money is virtual, and virtual means there is plenty where that came from. lol
          The wombies and the dogs are at Binky’s Beach house.
          I’ve been home all morning blogging trying to catch up from the past week of being off line.
          Got my hair cut and highlight this afternoon.
          Just finished dinner.
          Mitch took a nap…what’s up with that?…lol
          Have a great night, Cha!
          Hugs, xx

  4. Sounds like the beginning of a great holiday season!!! 🙂

    Love to everyone and special squishy hugs for you Debs! 🙂

    God Bless!


    • Prenin! I’ve missed you this last week so much, my friend from all the running around.
      Now I can write you from here as I did last Spring and Summer.
      Thanks for stopping in, Hon!
      Love and great big squishy hugs to you, my friend!

    • Ha ha, colorful, huh! I love painting Wombies and stuff for them, but this time I incorporated the paintings. Next I need to do something separate for them.

      CIci and Cassie will be wearing Tee shirts at the beach, plus the will have the First-Up canopy or their own umbrella…which ever is more convenient for us at the time.
      Hugs, xx

        • Ha, it would not surprise me if there is such thing as doggie sun block. 🙂 I always block up, and every few hours too. Me eat the chocolate? How about I eat the chocolate, but you take the fats and calories for me…you can afford a few pounds. 🙂
          I always enjoy visiting you, Karthryn…not thanks needed!
          Love and Hugs, xx

  5. Nice to “see’ you made it online, Deb! This is a cute little adventure. I see the puppies even made it in. I wish Binky could rocket me over to stay with you all for a little R & R ! my weather has quickly returned to normal, which makes me fear for some of my plants that already had buds… this will be a weird spring… hugs to you & special pats for the puppies 🙂

    • I wish Binky could get you here too on his rocket…Hey, maybe he can! You should ask him.
      Weird Spring….yes!
      I’ll pat the pups for ya!…they can’t get enough of that!
      Hugs to you, Faythe!

    • I’ve missed you too, Nuno! And am heading over to your blog right after this reply to you to see what is new!
      I’m really glad you like this one…pieced it together from completed oil pastels, as you know.
      Thanks too for the warm welcome!
      Hugs, my friend!

  6. I love the painting!! It’s so good to have you back online, It sounds like things are really going well 🙂 Cassie and Cici are having fun 🙂 Just have a super time 🙂 hugs n love

    • Yes, I’m am back. Wow, what a week too! Just glad we are about situated.
      Yes the pups are having fun as so with all the Wombies!
      Love and Hugs, xx

  7. This is delightful. I love the painting itself, but how can you possibly go wrong with Wombies?

    Take care and have a marvelous time. But do try and stay cool until your relay comes. I think I would be lost without mine!


    • I never seem to go wrong when I paint some that has to do with Wombies….people seem to love them little fellas

      Mitch is still looking online for a good deal on a relay. Last night he found one for a 100.00, but decided to sleep on it. He’s been looking all morning online and found one as low as 65.99 b with shipping it came to 76.99. He is also sure that he can hook it up himself, which would be great because you know how much labor can cost.
      Right now it’s rather cold out. I took Cassie out for her morning pee and I about froze with it 44 degrees and windy as H.E. double tooth picks.
      Thanks for stopping in Red….it’s always a pleasure!
      Love and Hugs, xx

      • That seems like a much better price, and truly a relay is not difficult to install. I do suggest, though, to have a serviceman come and check its levels when he is finished. It may alert you to something which could go wrong before it does…

        Here I am rewriting a blog post…

        HAVE A GOOD TIME! That is far more important!

        • I’ll tell him to have it checked anyway…for the reasons you said…hope he heeds the advice.
          No your not rewriting a blog post. It’s usually goes of course from my own doing…It’s all good.
          Thanks Red. I’ll let you know when we get picks It’s still too cold for me to go to the beach though….but soon.
          Love and Hugs,
          Deb xx

      • I didn’t know you were going to bring them for me. I’ll make sure there is fresh coffee w/chocolate creamer, spam and chocolate pancakes with chocolate syrup ready for ya. I can’t have you leave the dogs on the deck anyway….they would be able to run off since it’s not closed off.

  8. Hey you guys are having so much fun…Where there are wombies there is chocolate…..
    Have loads of fun Deb, its so nice to hear from you..Oh Cici and Cassie are having fun too..yay
    loved the painting,Its fun and magic
    hugs n love 🙂

    • Right now it’s the Wombies and the pups having most of the fun…It’s still a bit cool for us to do much.
      But we will be soon!
      Thank you, Soma!
      Love and Big Hugs, Deb xx

  9. I didn’t know we were going to all have such an adventure so early in the year! I’m glad you took care of all the planning and packing. That was very thoughtful of you, especially since I was a bit distracted with my rockets and everything.

    The well-stocked pantry and lab will of course be very well used, and we shouldn’t have to bother you for any supplies. Thanks, Deb!

    We’ll keep Cici and Cassie away from the chocolate and the sea, just in case.

    Good to hear you and Mitch are both pretty much settled in and have everything under control. Now you can relax for a few months and have some fun. And hopefully no hurricane this year!

    • I planned things out the best I could, and the packing. I wanted to make sure we all had what we needed first, and the things we wanted too. I did forget my art supplies though….Duh! Thank goodness I can do digital art though, and I do have my ink pens and some paper here from last year. If the pens dried out I can pick some of those up at this tiny drug store down the road….Store are limited here and none of them are of a chain…including food joints.

      I’m sure Cici and Cassie with mind all of you without much trouble. Cici’s Vet Food is in the lab for you, Twink or Tink to tend to. She won’t get in Cassie’s food, but does try sometimes. Cassie will not bother Cici’s food. She knows her own bowl and sticks to it. Her’s is in the kitchen as well as the food.
      I’ll pick up the dogs this weekend and if you want me to take Tink and Dink back with me I will. Other wise I will just bring them a change of cloths….girl need variety.

      Don’t forget now…if you go to the moon again…Cici wants to go with you. She has one fierce growl.

      You shouldn’t run out of anything, but if there is something new you need that is not there, please let me know. All I have to do is supply it once and the lab will recreate it from the computer that only you have access too….unless you authorize.

      Love and Hugs, xx

      • You forgot your art supplies?! Oh, no!. The lab wasn’t able to make any, either. Sorry about that. You can order a lot of that stuff online, now. Maybe ebay or Amazon?

        Cici and Cassie aren’t any trouble and seem to like all the extra attention they’re getting. And they really like running on the beach.

        I’m not sure I’ll be able to get back to the moon this year. but it won’t stop me from trying.

      • I know. I could kick myself for forgetting them. I was so busy trying to make sure everyone else had everything that I forgot to do the same for myself. I’ll get some…got to wait for a payday or two though. If nothing else, we have to take a quick trip back home for a few days in June…I can pick them up then. Right now I will may notes of my ideas.

        Glad there all having fun. Remind the young ones to stop and eat out of the basket sitting near Twink if they wear down too much.
        Thanks for watching Cici and Cassie for me. I’ll get them out of your hair this weekend if you’d like.

        One trip to the moon a year ought to be enough…but one never knows for sure.

  10. Hi Deb
    Your work is as always.. absolutely gorgeous!
    It’s bright, it’s soft and glowing with happiness.

    I hope you’re having a lot of fun out there Deb

    Gary xox

    • No…sometime it’s silly, but I enjoy it. It makes me happy! I think it brings you a smile too.
      Thanks you, Gary!
      Visit again real soon now.
      Love and Hugs,
      Deb xx

  11. True friends are like mornings you cant have them the whole day
    but u can be sure they will be there when u wakeup tomorrow
    next year and forever Hugs Nicki….

    • Not had, MC…Just starting. We’ll be here till November. But will take about two quick trips back home to see how things are going for the house sitter!
      Thanks, MC
      Hugs, xx

  12. Deb, I love this, very cute and I hope you have a great time! It looks and sounds very inviting! Thank you, also, for your lovely birthday wishes and gift! I haven’t been blogging much with the celebrations and just so you know, today we are picking up an older puppy to foster this week, then will adopt if all works out. His name is Copper and he’s a chocolate lab mix, very beautiful and mellow for 18 months old. Anyway, I’m like a kid in a candy store, so excited and so is my family. I’ll keep you posted. I’m so far behind on reading blogs and I won’t be on as much with the doggie. I’ll have to change the routine for walking him, etc. But, I wanted to let you know about the exciting news and thanks again! Hugs and Blessings and have fun! xo

    • I had a lot of fun doing this one!
      I’m just glad you had a Happy Birthday, Lauren…Sounds like you did from what I read on your blog.

      A new dog!!! This is wonderful news…I can’t wait to see picture of Copper. Please send some to me…please.
      Don’t worry. I understand how a dog can take up part of your personal life. They need attention too, and are far more important than blogging.
      God Bless you always!
      Love and Hugs, xx

  13. Deb, I just googled Hatteras Island and I am so jealous! Do you spend all spring and summer there? How wonderful!! I love the ocean. Love the picture, so playful.

    I missed you my dear friend, its so good to have you back.

    Looking forward to spending part of my spring and summer on Hatteras Island vicariously through you and the Wombie’s. Good luck with the a/c, although the fact that you need it makes me jealous because I still need the furnace.
    Hugs and love

    • Yes, we have been staying here from March to November for the past two year, and now this year. You’re always welcome if you can come down here.

      You don’t have to miss me anymore. I right here as always. Just my body is in a different blogging spot…lol
      Once it warms up outside and we start going to the beach I’ll take picture and share them.

      It’s not hot enough for A/C yet, though it was the other day. We had the same trouble with the dumb thing last year and had forgot all about it till we turned it one. It works, but he compressor would keep running after it kicked off. So we had to turn the breaker off for it every time we wanted to shut it off…or turn it on. Sure made our summer night hot last year…lol…wait, that’s not funny. Wait! it is funny because it’s past, and presently we are going to fix it. Yay!
      Tell me how you have been Hon. I know you have been having your share of troubles.
      Love and Hugs,
      Deb xx

    • Me too. I wish I could just paint it and it exist. You ever seen that commercial where the couple draws in what they want in their house and it appears? It’s so ridicules that I don’t even know what the commercial is really about…lol
      Thank you for the comment!
      Hugs, xx

    • Me too…Let go invade Binky’s Beach house, Sabina! The house can create anything the house needs so I’m sure it can make a few more rooms….there lost of acreage there.
      Good to be back!
      Hugs, xx

    • He is the Wombies… 🙂
      I’m still trying like heck trying to get all caught up on blogging comments to all my friend. I went to your site for a bit today and didn’t have a clue what it was you wanted. So left and plan on looking a some of the others I may have missed this last week. I’ll get back before the day ends, Bearman. Thank you for coming here so quickly…your awesome!
      Big Hugs, xx

      • I know you did….I thank you for that too, Bearman. I did get the notification in my email while I was off my pc for a week. But felt a bit overwhelmed with the full email box of “New Post Notifications from lots of sites.. I felt the best way to tackle this was to clear out the email of new posts and go through my blogroll one and a time to pay everyone a visit.
        Don’t you ever think I would ignore you….I love you site!
        Hugs, to you my friend!

  14. What a brilliant time the Wombies are
    having Deb, I do hope that there is enough
    chocolate, pancakes and wine gums to
    last the holiday out? 🙂 😉 Great work as
    always Deb 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • When I created Binky’s Beach house is was designed to continue to re-create all the food they need, as they need it. They can’t even get hurt when they cook.
      Thank you for the comment about my work, Andro….your the best!
      Hugs, XXx

        • I’m sitting right here in the camper blogging…chilly today.
          Thank you for stopping in to wish me a good day. I hope you have a grand ole wicked day yourself, my fine friend!
          Hugs, XXx

  15. I love your artwork aimed at younger audiences, Deb. It really captures the enthusiasm and imagination of a child’s mind. Have you ever illustrated a children’s book?

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    • Oh yes, the Wombie’s love to go to their beach house…much fun for them there, and Binky can still work all he wants.
      I’m not lucky enough to stay in the beach house all spring and summer….we stay in a 5th wheel on a campground right near the beach, but not on it like Binky’s place.
      Thanks Tracy!…sending lots of love and sunshine your way too!
      Hugs, xx

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    • How can one not love a wombie? I just don’t think is is possible
      Wine gums. Well here in America we have what is called gummy bears. I think you may have heard of those.
      But this is wine gums…
      Hope that helps.
      Hugs to you, Barb! xx

      • Gotcha’! I lived in N.C., but never saw anything actually called wine gums, not even the Haribo ones.

        • I’m in NC right now.
          I remember when Binky mailed me some wine gums (thank you, Binky)…so flavorful, unlike gummy bears.
          ♥Love♥ and Hugs, xx

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