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Deb’s Wombie Clan



Third from left is Pinky, my latest adopted Wombie

I adopted them from http://www.wombania.com from the “Adopt a Wombie page, after falling in love with the Wombania Comic.

The creator of the Wombies, Peter Marinacci helped my Wombies kids to this for my birthday 2013!....Thank you!

The creator of the Wombies, Peter Marinacci helped my Wombie kids do this for my birthday 2013!….Thank you!

Happy Birthday Deb 2014

Robot Butler & Binky C3This is Butlerbot, he is the robotic butler that Binky made for me since I’m always so busy taking care of wombies.

Please Note:

My adopted Wombies have been dressed in clothing for my own personal pleasure that I share with you.

The actual Wombies have been created soley by their owner and author of:

 http://www.wombania.com and http://www.comics.wombania.com, which all copyrights are reserved.

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  1. You two have more clothes after being there a week than we’ve ever gotten! I’m going to have to talk to Chris about this.

    You both look great in all your different styles!

    • The clothing has been useful sometimes…like when it was cold out. But I’d be just as happy to wear boxers around the house. She said, “only in the evening, but have to put on a robe if someone comes to the door. That’s okay with me, we live so far out in the woods, that no one come to the door. Except that lady who’s kid’s fish died.

  2. The closet in our bedroom was full of clothes. She said some of it belonged to her kids when they were little, and the rest belonged to a doll collection she use to have. But most of it she made special for us….she’s working on clothing for us right now even.

    Yes, talk to Chris, even a Wombie like a little extra warmth sometimes. She told me to always remember though that my clothes is not who I am… that they’re for extra protection as we need them, or for fun.
    Thank you for telling me that Dink and I look good in our cloths!

    • I think Twink still might be a bit jealous of all your outfits, though. When she comes to visit, she can play dress-up with you.

      • We would have a lot of fun playing dress up when she comes to visit. Dink gets tired of playing that game with me.

    • Don’t worry, Binky Deb likes to travel light so we only get to bring what we need…and I don’t mean a bunch of suit cases either. She got me just one small suit case and I can only bring a change of clothes for 4 days at your place, the rest will be at her (our) place. Dink get 5 changes because he still get chocolate on his clothes…but he’s working on it.

  3. You’ve got more clothes again! I like the summer wear one with hats. You’re all prepared for the beach, aren’t you? I hope there’s enough room at the beach place for you two and all your new clothes.

    • Yes, we did get more cloths, but I have enough sense to travel light, leaving most of my clothes with mom. Tink on the other hand…well, she is a girl. sheez. Why do they need so much clothes and accessories?

  4. It looks like you got a few new clothes again! Spring is just about here, almost time for swimming.

    • Can’t wait to go swimming. Mom told me all about it, and how to be careful in the water because of sharks. She said, don’t go in the water early in the morning or evening because that is the primary feeding time for fish and shark. She also said not to go in the water on gray days when the water is dark because I won’t be able to see as well as what could be around me. She said it is best to choosing swimming time to be when the sun is high, and the water is clear….Oh yeah, she also told me I would have to go without eating my chocolate and other goodies for almost an hour before I was allowed in the water. I think I can manage that for a swim.
      She said even though we go to the beach soon it the water will still be too cold to go swimming for a few months, and that I should just fish with Dad and look for sea shells for fun.

      • I didn’t know sharks were a problem on the NC coast. It certainly is best to be cautious. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to any of you guys (humans, Wombies, or dogs)!

      • Yes, mom says sometime they run in the area. Last year they were running about near the shore of Ocracoke Island and a 5 year old little girl got attacked by one. She lived and is okay, but she got hurt really bad. So mom says before we go to the beach each morning we have to stop at the tackle shop to find out what kind of fish are running about and where….she wants to know about possible shark, where dad wants to catch what is running, expect for the shark.
        Anyway, just in case, this is why she set swimming rules for us. She also said we have to stay in shallow water too.

      • That’s sounds like a good plan, to make sure no sharks are in the area before going swimming. Sharks are very important creatures, but I wouldn’t want to meet up with one on the wild when I’m in the water.

  5. Binky

     /  March 9, 2013

    I didn’t realize Cookie and Chewy had gotten a new summer wardrobe. They look like they’re ready for the island!

    And you’re welcome for the birthday picture. They all got up really early to make you the sign.

    • Cookie and Chewy don’t have nearly the clothing yet as Tink and Dink, but in time I’m sure they will.

      Which means you had to get up early too…thank you so much, Binky! 🙂


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