17 comments on “Oil Paintings

    • These two are the first I’ve ever painted. And as you said I found it to be both easy to work with, yet challenging in some areas. But I had a lot of fun creating them both. Thank you very much for your comment, Alonso!

  1. I believe that whatever discipline you choose
    it will be successfully applied, of course this is
    the result of years of hard work becoming the
    artist that you are today.

    I hope that I do not come across as being too
    familiar, as this is certainly not my intention…

    Be well my friend


    • Hi Andro, nice to see you browsing my oil painting as well as the drawings. Very nice of you to take the time to view them….stay well.

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    • Oh you are so sweet, Alonso. And very encouraging too. I’ve been putting off doing an oil painting for way too long and really ought to consider doing another.
      Thank you for your comment!
      Hugs, Deb xx

  3. Deb you are an artist that pays attention to detail and you’re able to portray those details in such a skillful manner. I love your artwork and I look forward to more of your updates. God bless xox

    • Thank you, Maryanne! I haven’t done an oil painting in a while and look forward to when I can again…Supplies are the issues at times.
      Thank you too for coming by here today, you are most welcome anytime.
      Hugs, xx

  4. I can see how you see the world through these paintings Deb. A real eye for beauty, and a need to create it too.

  5. Very nice paintings Deb, I found oil painting to be an interesting challenge, full of layers and textures
    interestingly i found a correlation between it and poetry, except without the need to clean your brushes. I will pop over now and have a look at your other fine work.
    David. L

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