Hi, I’m Cassie…a Yorkshire Terrier,  and this is my page that mommy made for me.
Mommy adopted me from a friend that brought me home from a Vet’s office from someone who said I was a stray. Now I have a forever home. I’m very shy, even of the camera. I am a lot different than my adopted sister Cici. But I am just as cute and loveable, just more quiet, passive, and well behaved.

I weigh 9-10 lbs
My Birthday is 7/1/2006

All posts about me here

7 comments on “Cassie

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  2. I don’t remember this page being like this. Either I missed it before, or you changed it. Cassie looks like a very nice dog.

    • I put this page up of Cassie a week or less after I got her. She’s very shy about getting her picture taken which is why there are not that many.
      She is a nice dog! I couldn’t ask for a better dog….She so well behaved. 🙂

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