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  1. Hi Debbie,
    I really enjoyed looking at your art. I came across your site, while searching for charcoal drawings. I am interested in your Twin Branch piece. My husband and I bought our first home 2 years ago and we are trying to slowly but surely replace prints with originals to turn it into a unique space. Can you give me an idea of what your price range is?

    Best greetings from Minneapolis,

    • Spoke with you through private emails, Anna, and just wanted to thank you very much for your interest, and business.
      My hope for you is that you may turn your first home into the unique space you envision.

  2. I really like these ink drawings of yours especially those two Llama’s, the characters on those are truly wicked. You know years ago… Well back in 1450 or thereabouts I used to draw with inks and I found it rather relaxing too, I wasn’t aware at the time that Indian ink is actually from China, so how about that for a bit of useless trivia? lol Just kidding…

    I must admit I am rather enjoying my adventure through your Space, it has some very nice features, like your slideshow here for instance, which is a very good idea.

    it would be excellent if you added a Guestbook as an extra page, well I know that must seem extremely cheeky of me to say so but it does help to stop everyday comments from appearing on your postings when they might not be based upon your themes.

    I hope that you have had a very exciting week so far, it will soon be the weekend of course and I would imagine that you have many plans for that. Right, as I am wittering now I will return to my Space, but before I leave I will just wish you a wicked Thursday…


    • The llamas are my favorite too, mainly because I got a chuckle out of them as I was drawing them. They were created for my great niece’s book-bag for the up coming fall being made by her mom. The theme for the family member was to draw a llama playing a musical instrument. Her mom loved it. I just drew the other one with the sign for fun….
      A guest-book page, eh. I’m sure someone as smart as you would have the sense to use it, but I’m not sure of others. No…I don’t mean my usual guests either. You know, just others. But it is a great idea and I think I will sleep on this one tonight.
      Indian Ink from China….Ha! it figures, eh.
      My week has been good, rained a lot yesterday and l loved it. All that thunder and lightening all day with the sound of the the rain drops pattering on the roof. It was great. Sunny today, and I went to the beach…that was great too. And I have no idea yet what I am doing over the weekend yet. But I do hope that your weekend is, as you would put it, “Wicked!” in a nice way of course. Good talking with you Andro and thank you for stopping in again for a visit.

    • Ah, you saw my second attempt of her. I was going to post it, but thought is was a bit soon after the first one. Didn’t want to be a bore about her. lol
      I’m glad you like it, she does crack a little smile like that from time to time. 🙂
      Thank for commenting on her, Andro!

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    • Ah, the ink is slippery, compare to charcoal…:-) but were quite enjoyable to work with. Thank you for the lovely comment, Lauren…Esp about Cici!
      Hugs, xx

  4. At the risk of over using the word magical, you have unique style that is sensitive and thoughtful, but with a great deal of humor…and magic. 🙂

    • Well I’m certainly no magician but I get what you me. 🙂
      Sometime I like to draw things that give me a chuckle. 🙂
      Thanks, Nanina!

  5. I don’t know Cici, but the 2nd drawing seems perfect … sooo cute … tiny kisses to her … and big hugs to you, my friend. Love, cat.

    • She’s my little yorkie. I think you have commented on her posts before. Thank you so much for the kind comments, Cat! Love and Hugs xx

  6. Oh my Deb these are so wonderful !!
    the house with staircase and a door and everything else white was pure magic 🙂
    the laama on the sofa and with a dog made me chuckle how cute
    hey was that CICI in one of you drawings, i thought it was her
    old cottage ,trees,oh they are the sketches one uses for illustrated story books….beautiful dreamy and hilarious some of them
    loved the way you paint so much in your paintings 🙂
    Wish you more magic Deb 🙂

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