About Me

I’m a self-taught artist with a variety of styles, that works with a variety of medium, with the most recent to be digital. Through the years my love of art has always remained an important part of my life, though work would usually interfere with it, till I had finally retired.

All artworks are the copyright © and  the property of Adamsart. All rights are reserved, and may not be copied or reproduced without my specific permission.

158 comments on “About Me

  1. Congratulations, Debbie! What an honor to be chosen by Derwent, and well-deserved. I love your Cape Hatteras artworks and sunrise image. I also live on the Atlantic Coast and agree that the sunrise over the ocean is absolutely breathtaking. I also enjoyed your candy on black stovetop. Keep up the good work!

  2. hi, uhm I was looking up art drawings and I just happened to find your website and Ive got to say I love your art work though Im not as good I plan on getting better and your art work is a good inspration to me thanks for letting me see your art work…..

    • Thank you for you kind words. I’m self taught and make an effort to practice often. Ifou do the same and you will find that you will get better over time.
      Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Hi Debbie, I love your art and I really enjoyed looking at all your drawings and paintings on your blog. And it is an honor that Derwent chose you as one of their artists – well done! And thanks for looking at my stuff! Have a great week.

    • Hi Jan, it nice to see you today!
      Thank you what you said about Derwent.
      I was viewing your artwork as well today and enjoyed yours as well.
      Thank you again for stopping in, and for the lovely comment!

  4. Thanks for sharing the story of your journey as an artist, I can relate and I was born the same year (side note). That is inspiring to hear by putting yourself and your art ‘out there’ you were discovered and commissioned, great job!

  5. Thank you for your very nice thoughts upon my
    Space my friend and I will be calling back on the
    morrow to see more of your most excellent artistry …

    Be very well now Debbie


      • I like your new profile photograph Deb and how nice it is
        to see the real you 🙂 🙂 I always favour an authentic image
        rather than just a graphic or similar but I know many prefer
        not to show their true pictures, which in my opinion is not
        the best way forwards however as a lot of my friends have
        these alternative images I can only hope that they too will
        evenyually reveal whom they are 🙂 Have a lovely evening
        and enjoy the weekend also 🙂 😉

        Androgoth XXx

        • Thanks Andro! Glad you like it, I took the pic the other day with my crystal eye on my laptop so it’s recent
          I was hesitate to put up a photo.
          Thank you for stopping by!

          • Having one’s image on the Internet is fine as long as one does not add personal information, this is why one has to be careful when adding personalised information on those Awards as anyone wishing to take down notes could easily build quite a big picture of one’s likes and dislikes, so this is one reason why I do not take any part in them even though they are nice to be offered in recognition of one’s Space 🙂

            Have a lovely evening and
            do enjoy your wrestling later 🙂 😉

            I also value you as my great
            friend here in WordPress Deb 🙂

            Androgoth XXx

            • Great advice, and I understand, and will remember that in the future if I ever were to post one of those awards. As of now, most of the stuff I’ve mentioned about me is just silly stuff, and nothing of any importance, but I will check them in case I’d like to eliminate something…thank you very much, my great friend! 🙂 🙂
              I know you do, Andro! 🙂 😉
              I always enjoy my wrestling matches. 😉
              You’re the best, Andro!
              Hugs ♥ XXx

            • I think adding just the little bits and pieces is okay,
              but it is the more important aspects that can be a
              bit dodgy, some peeps add far too much in the way of private and personal info, that is the thing to watch out for and if you have ever added any just edit it out 🙂 Hey grab lots of fun tonight Deb and guess what? It is my F1 over this weekend and we are in Germany so how about that for wicked 🙂 🙂 I’m not lot literally in Gernmany but the F1 is 😉

              Androgoth XXx

            • -I looked at the one that said to list 7-10 thing about myself and it was all just bits and pieces of nothingness….so I’m good there, but do appreciate the great advice if I were to ever think of crossing that boundary, which I will not!
              Hey, you enjoy the F1 out there in Germany, and just pretend you are there too! Have a great time, and I hope you have lots of slaves to serve you up treats!
              Hugs a plenty! ♥ XXx

  6. Hello! I’m from Malaysia and i love your arts. You are my inspiration on my art class assignments. Now i’m 13 years old. I have been your fan since i was 11. Do post more of your exquisite arts! =)

  7. Cool bio, Deb! I spent six years working at a ceramic pottery company where one of our biggest clients was a gift shop located near Cape Hatteras. I think I’ve drawn that lighthouse over 20,000 times. 🙂

  8. You are an inspiration. I am 10 years older than you are and only started drawing 3 years ago. I am going to learn to paint too. I wish I had started a long time ago but I intend to get the most out of the years I have left. BTW I am having a blast doing it even though I am not trying to be a professional.

    • I know just what you are saying. I started late at drawing too due to life having to be lived.
      Don’t you let your age stop you from what you want to do, I’m not. And we don’t have to be professional, whatever that is…If someone likes what you drawing then it is professional to them. So enjoy your journey in your artwork, as I can tell you are.
      BTW: I can tell from your comics that your draw that you will be a natural at painting. Go get the brushes and get started.
      Thank you so much for telling me I inspired you. That was the whole reason I told that story…to inspire
      Thank you, Bo. The pleasure has been all mine having you on my pages lately….and I thank you for that.

      Deb xx

    • How sweet of you to think of me, Scott…Thank you so much!

      You have a most wonderful day, full of lovely words dancing in your head!
      Deb xx

  9. Hi Debbie,

    I found your blog from Scott’s and I’m glad I did. Your work is stunning and to think you are self taught, very impressive. Congratulations, also, on Derwent naming you as one of their artists! You are very gifted! 🙂

  10. I am so glad you visited my blog which brought me here to enjoy your art. Val Erde and Totsymae are quality artists that follow my blog . You would certainly enjoy their stuff.

    • Hello Carl,
      Thank you too for stopping in to browse my site as well. I had just found your site late last evening. Plan on going back to see more.
      I know Val, and enjoy viewing her artwork.
      Thanks again for stopping in and leaving me a comment!

  11. That is wonderful…I’m following you too!…Next course of action is to get you in my blogroll. Which is next…lol
    Have a beautiful rest of the day!
    Hugs, xx

    • Thanks Loon!…I hope to see more of you around here to see what’s new.
      Thanks for all the comments you’ve left me today…I certainly have enjoyed your visit!…And thanks too, for the link exchange.
      Hugs, xx

  12. Hey Deb how are you? I learned from Gabby its a i want you to be happy day
    So stopped by to tell you.. ..you are an awesome girl…beautiful warm lovely heart.
    and you with your paintings, comments, cards make me really happy and I feel so blessed that i found such a great friend in you.
    hugs and love

    • Aw, you are so sweet to come in here to tell me this…Such a pleasant way to start my day…thank you, Soma!
      I love the gift you left me. I shall be putting on my gift page to always keep.
      Love and Hugs, xx

    • Thank you, Lauren! I’m so honored and humbled by this…Thank you so much for thinking of me. Of course I accept the award from you. I will make a post for it as soon as I can.
      Love and Hugs, xx

    • Oh my, I’m blessed again! Thank you so very much, my sweet friend! I’m very honored and humbled that you would think of me for these fine awards….thank you. Of course I accept them.
      Love and Hugs, xx

    • Yes I did…it was a birth date request. I know you told me, but if you could just put the date in it will go to my calendar for me. You can check the box to hide how old you are if you don’t want me to know.

      Hugs, xx

    • Hi George!,
      Thank you so much…I am honored that you have nominated me for this. It sounds like it will be fun to get posted too. I get on it as soon as I can…thank you again.
      Have a great day!
      Hugs, xx

  13. DEB …….
    WOW ……
    YES ….

    • I’m no one specail, Cat. Just an artist that likes to draw and paint what makes me happy.
      Thanks you so much, Cat!
      Hugs ♥ xoxo

        PLEASE …..
        YOU ARE SPECIAL ——

  14. Recently, I was honored with 3 Awards given to me by fellow blogger Wendall A. Brown (foreverpoetic.wordpress.com). It meant so much to me. One of the criteria for accepting the award is to nominate several other bloggers. I wanted to nominate you because your blog has been a wonderful inspiration and joy to me. If you’d like to accept, you can go over to the post at http://serendipityplus.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/beautiful-blogger-very-inspiring-blogger-sunshine-award/ and get the low down on how. Absolutely no pressure. Just know that I think your blog is awesome and worth telling everyone about. Thanks for sharing your life with us. 😀

  15. Wednesdays will now be guest post on my blog, poets and painters. I would like to post a painting of yours. I really liked the folk art paintings you did. If you wish to participate please see sample of May 9 post. Send pic of your choice with brief bio as shown and then your painting of choice. Send each as jpeg or pdf. Will let you know when posted. Thanks.

    • Let me know which one you like and I’ll send it to you. Let me know today because I’ll be out of town by morning.
      Thanks Carl!
      Hugs xx

  16. Your are posted 12:19 AM EST. It is noon Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. Followers there will see things first. The replies are for you to do. Let’s have a bustem’ up day.

    • I just saw it up there…thank you, Carl. I’ll be in and out of your blog today to keep up with what’s going on…Have a great day.

  17. Deb, I nominated you today for the Inspiring Blogger Award! Congratulations, the notice is on my site today. Listen i am about 17 awards behind. A lot had to do with my illness, but i have made up my mind to get them done in the next 2 weeks. But you and your site are dear to me because of what you bring to our world. You represent what is in your heart and spirit very well! I know i am not alone in saying this, but you are that bright candle placed in a darkened room to bring its sustaining light to everyone! Thanks Deb an congratulations again!

    • Thank you, Wendell, but not just for the award. More than anything for what you have just said to me….that alone is like a prize to me!
      I get behind on awards all the time. Don’t you fret about it one ioda (spelling..lol) You just take your time and do them as you feel you can or want to. What I do is make sure I put in a link for everyone that has ever awarded me on my “Blog page.” That way no one gets left in the dust for too long.
      Thank you again, my friend! You’re the best! Hugs xx

    • Aw, Soma, that is so sweet of you. I love that great big hug you left me too! You are among the best of the bests, my friend! Love ya! Great big hugs back to you! xoxo

  18. I thought I had visited this page ages ago and left a comment, but perhaps not. Or maybe those zombies erased it!
    Nice to see the real you! Or the realer you.

    • You must of left the comment on a different page. Hey, my Wombie art Gallery is growing too…have a peek sometime.

      Yep, that me. 🙂

      Hugs xo

  19. My comment thing ran out of space after your last comment over there.

    HI DEB! I DIDN’T KNOW THIS WAS HERE! GASP! Look atchew all beautiful 🙂 NICE to MEET YOU !!!! HI ! And thank you for the compliments as well. I couldn’t respond, there was no reply space left. I will have to see if I can make them longer 🙂

    HI DEB!!!! ha!

    • Yes I have already seen this and you’re right she is a sweet lass 🙂 🙂
      I thought that Deb had added another one for us but hey I liket his one
      so noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo problemo 🙂

      Are you being good? 🙂

      Androgoth XXx

      • I had no idea until today she had that there. I was all … you know, “not knowing”. I was busy looking at her works of art 🙂 You know what? the yellow smile faces show up when you click to reply from the top there… neat…

        No. I’m being naughty 🙂

  20. I live in Rome Deb, good job and good continuation to all and thank you for your visit and greetings are a friend a hug.
    Where are you? 🙂

  21. Hello Deb! We are getting up there aren’t we! I was born in 1958. Anywho, or be that as it may, I wish you and yours Happy Days & Holidays!

    • Yes, the years fly! Seems like each decade goes by twice and fast as the previous.
      Thank you for the holiday wishes, and I do hope yours were wonderful!

  22. Hey Deb, your gifts that you share, the selflessness, the kindness, the beauty, your grace, make the world a more soothing and refreshing place to be my sister…I am always with you in spirit everyday, and today I thought about you as you have been with me from my beginnings here with your encouragement and friendship dear sister! You have always shown me a heavenly spiritual love that never changes…you influence not only me but you share the same with all who embrace your site, so yesterday I nominated your for the Most Influential Blog Award 2012 at foreverpoetic! Congratulations you deserve it, thanks for being my friend and sister…God bless you and your family!

    • That has got to be the most influential thing you have ever said to me, Wendell…thank you! And thank you for the award….I’m honored!
      God bless you always.

  23. Greetings, dear friend! I have nominated you for the “Shine On” Award. This is to recognize your efforts in sharing all these beautiful posts with us… Thanks for making this journey of blogging wonderful and many congratulations! 🙂

    • Thank you!
      Nice to see you here, Frank.
      I likely found your site through one of them today.;)
      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

    • Hi Tanumoy,
      Nice to see you. I had wondered where you had been over the last few day. I hope the days were nice ones
      Wow! I think you’ve cleared out your locker and gave me every gift you had!…thank you so much, my friend. I’m truly honored!
      Have a nice evening!

      • Haha! Always a pleasure, Deb!
        I needed to clear up a few things blocking my mind, hence the short break. Well, the knight’s back, fresh from victory… at your service! 🙂

  24. Hi Adam! I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the “Sunshine Award”. The “Sunshine Award” is awarded to bloggers who “light up the dark corners of our minds” and “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogoshphere”
    You can follow through at this link: http://wp.me/p2HDfs-Cj
    I always look forward to your posts and seeing what you have been creating. Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

    • Oh Sue, thank you so much! You always bring me sunshine every time you visit, and always lift my spirits high!
      Love and hugs xxx

  25. Hi deb. I was wondering if I could have permission to use one of your charcoal drawings “Peaceful day” posted on April 13, 2010. I just want to use it for part of a tattoo because it’s perfect for my idea, not for commercial use or anything like that. My email is evan@clendening.com so we can talk that way.

  26. Hello, Deb. I am interested in one of your older pieces for a friend of mine who is retiring. I’d like to talk to you about either getting a print of it or permission to print it and frame it myself.

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