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Flash in the Pan: Cantina

Neither Alberto nor Maria had ever had these feelings for anyone ever before. It was a night both of them would always remember. They each had one more shots at the local cantina, gathered up their things and left into the pouring rain and wind. His eyes searched the dirt road for a cab. He […]

Flash in the Pan: Chocolate

“Would you like these almonds sonny?” “Sure, thanks Ma’am,!” Billy replied. Here, here’s a few more.” Billy turns around in his bus seat and asked her, “Thank you Ma’am, but why don’t you just eat them yourself? “ Can’t. I can only suck the chocolate off them without my teeth.” ≈≈ This is part of […]

Flash in the Pan: Buffet

“That’s it, I’ve had all I can take of this nonsense! One small dinner party after another and everyone of them left me feeling, well…distressed!” Betty exclaimed to Max while washing the dishes. “So what do you intend to do about it, hold a banquet?” Max asked with curiosity as he dried dishes. Betty eyes […]

Flash in the Pan: Reservations

“Just about ready to go. Did you make the reservations, Franklin?” “We don’t need them.” “Oh, how uncouth,” as Judith turned from the mirror, then back again. “Yes. Now enough primping. You look fine. Let’s go!” Sidney, the chauffeur, opened the door to the limousine, helped both of them in and off they drove. Arriving […]