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Don’t You Give Up


Life has downs,
And life has ups
When it gets tough,
Don’t’ you give up!
Sometimes you feel,
Like you’ve walked a mile,
Just keep on trucking,
And put on a smile.
Life has its moments,
That can makes you sad.
But keep in mind,
It’s not always that bad.
Others preach,
“Keep your head high,”
You know their right,
You mustn’t deny.
If things go wrong,
As they often may,
Don’t you give up,
Just for today.
Life may have,
A challenging surprise,
Just keep on smiling,
And don’t you cry.
Life may sometimes,
Fill your cup.
But when it doesn’t,
Don’t you give up!

©2011 Deb Adams

Got Gas?

duck -fartingJust had dinner,
Ate like a pig,
No room for desert,
Not even a fig.
My tummy is rumbling
Full of gas,
I think I’ll fart,
Ah yes…That’s class!

Image: Courtesy of Google


Jack didn’t mind the food he had for dinner, nor what was available for a later on snack, but what he did mind was not having anything to do after dinner, so he left the house to venture out into the backyard to see what could be done to abide his time. “That’s it, I’ll get to work on that hole I need to put my stuff in so nobody can find it,” thought digging_deeper_2-thumb-768x459-864Jack. After digging for what seemed like an hour to him, he stopped, went into the house and got his most valued possession and buried it.

So who is Jack, and what could be the valued possession?

Winter Play

Looking out the window, Enjoying the snow fall.

After it builds up, I make three large balls.

The first two are the biggest,  to serve as the base.

Piling one on the other, and the third one’s the face.

It will need rocks and things to give it expression,

I want to look good, for a nice impression.

I’ll need a carrot, to use as a nose.

Then give it a scarf, so he don’t feel froze.

He’ll need some arms, so I’ll use tree branches.

Then the birds will perch there, and do their dances.

I’ll get a hat, to cover his crown…

There’s one in the closet, I think it’s brown.

Now he’s done, and ready for display.

And that’s how you play,

On a cold winter’s day.

th_nov_snowmanimage: courtesy of Google

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