33 comments on “Flash in the Pan: Cantina

  1. The poor dude 😦
    Hey you inspired me
    with this one, I read
    it late last night and
    decided to add this
    comment after trying
    a Binky with rocket
    drawing. Your Mexican
    dude prompted me to
    add Binky with my
    Chocolate FTP soooo
    thank you very much
    for that wickedly fine
    inspiration 🙂 🙂

    Your FTP is excellent,
    maybe his luck will change
    at the next cantina? 😦

    Andro xxxx

    • That’s great, Andro. Nice to know I inspired you…you do that for me from time to time too. 🙂
      His luck might change next time around.

    • Thank you, Sheri!
      You don’t have to be jealous, because I know you can do this too. I bet you could write some excellent flashes! 🙂

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