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It’s all About Me

cat-sexy-coffee-it's-all-about-me-500No, not me, but cats. Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows just what I mean. Though, come to think about it, I can think of many teenage girls that fits this to the letter, well maybe even some adult woman too. Now wait just a minute…hmm,  there’s that percentage of guys too.

© 2014

Hope you all have a great week!



Snob-2013-08-17 - adamsart.wordpress.com


You all know I like drawing these snobs.

I think with his shifty eyes he looks suspicious of something. Maybe he’s got something to hide.

What do you all think?

Digital artwork © 2013






Digital drawing of a snobby man that appears to be looking at something with disapproval.

© 2013


Horse Pucky!

Snob-2013-06-29-burn - Copy

Horse Pucky!

Digital art

Just another snob…but so fun to draw..lol


Can you imagine the flies he could catch in that snout?

Can you imagine the size of a his hamburger bite?


© 2013

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