10 comments on “Conte

  1. I see the mystery that you create in digital work, in these pieces too. You are great colorist, Deb. I enjoyed these pages.

      • Deb, I so sorry. I wasn’t very clear. What I meant was that your skill in Conte is carried over into digital. There’s a relationship between the two…like how you handle Conte influences how you “see” your digital paintings. Even now I’m not sure I’m making sense. I LOVE these. That’s what matters. 🙂

        • I my, I didn’t mean to sound offended…I’m not of course. I just thought you thought they were digital and wanted you to know they weren’t. I try to keep all this stuff separated so people can look at what they want.
          I remember when I first started with my oil pastels, my friend Leslie had told me something very similar to what you just said.
          I think what makes the digital similar to the conte and some of my other works in varies mediums it that I seem to go for smooth blended look if I can get away with it.
          I’m glad love these…Really makes my day, Nanina!
          Hugs, xx

    • The first one, the one you like. There is a similar one I did in charcoal in the Charcoal Gallery. Hope you have a look at it.
      Thank you for the wonderful comment you left here and the lovely gift…love it!
      Hugs, xx

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