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Flash in the Pan: Parboiled

Janice started her new job as a Chef’s assistant at a nearby local restaurant. One of her many duties is to chop a fresh batch of vegetables each morning for the Chef for his daily menu and the rest to later be parboiled. One day as she was working on this task, the Chef was […]

Flash in the Pan: Diner

Helen always worried about Max dieing, mostly because she was dependent on his social security, though she loved him very much. Max assured her she’d do fine with the old diner. Eventually he had passed away, and Helen was still getting by. One afternoon she closed early to restock the freezer. She wanted to make […]

Flash in the Pan: Fork

After a full day of tending to the baby, Marla was exhausted. Dinners in the oven, so she set the table, put out chilled wine, and candles. “Bob will be home soon, I better change.” she thought. Slipping into her new practical dress she remembered the earrings Bob gave her for her birthday and put […]

Flash in the Pan: Life on a Sandbar (125 words)

Waiting for his brother to get home to let him in he stood outside his camper door smoking a cigarette and feels the cold east wind cut right through him. He raises his sweatshirt hood over his head, and as he turns around to shield the cold wind from his face he sees that the […]