44 comments on “Flash in the Pan: Chocolate

  1. [ Smiles ] Nice story. I also LOVE your digital illustration of the elderly lady. You are very talented, my friend!

    • Ha…You know me too well! 😉 🙂
      Thank you. I used this theme a while last summer too,but am using a different header with it.
      Have a nice week!

  2. eww 😛 Nice job, Deb… 50 words or less, that’s a tough challenge, you’re doing well

    • I think the the toothless woman was having a chuckle too. 😉
      Thanks Sue, I like it too. I needed a break from the black.

    • I’m glad it made you smile, Lauren. That makes it all worth it!
      You like this theme? I used it last year for awhile during the spring and summer.
      Much love and hugs xoxo

  3. HI Deb, (thought I’d flown to the wrong address, but ’tis a lovely new look.) and Yukky, for the chocolate sucking, you had me with this one.. Hugs aplenty… xPenx

    • I’m still looking at other themes. WP has added more since I last made a change. So don’t be too surprised it the looks different again when you come on by. Besides…it’s fun. 😉
      Yes, gross, but the old lady got her kicks. 😉
      Love and hugs xxx

  4. I really thought the almonds were going to have a poison or something – guess you must be out to prove to us that you are not of the dark side gang after all!

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