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Dink and Chewy’s Chocolate Factory


Click image to enlarge

Thanks to Winky from Wombania my Wombies were able to get their own chocolate factory going out here in the OBX, where I go through a truck load of chocolate every day for seven Wombies. Now when I have Wombie beach party reunions I can get all the chocolate I need, and super express too since it’s right down the road one mile from the Wombie beach houses. Special thanks goes to Binky for the supplies of  the chocolate from when he goes to the dark side of the moon on his rocket to mine for chocolate….the best chocolate in the world! So adopted Wombies all over the world can come and visit every summer. There’s plenty of room and plenty of chocolate! There will be a big bash this Labor Day Weekend for who want to attend. There will be treasure hunting on Fra’z pirate ship, sand castle building, kiting, kite surfing, and sail surfing

Free reservation and rentals are available at

Binky’s beach house #1

Binky’s beach house #2

Twink’s beach house

Fraz’s beach house #1

Fraz’s beach house #2

Winky’s Chocolate Cabin

Souvenirs can be purchased at:

Fraz’s Pirate Shop and Pizzeria

(where you can pig out too)

~ and ~

Fraz’s Beach Shack

(free souvenirs and free surf board rentals)


Wombie Family Portrait

I know, you recently heard of my new Wombie Pinky, but had to get a new family portrait of my growing Womibe den. If you click on the image you can see a larger version of it.


Above are my seven Wombies. That’s right, seven. Count they 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. Third from the left

is my latest Wombie, Pinky.

Below Pinky is solo, and clearly has found herself a style of clothing she likes.

pinky-hippie-clothes-blue background


Notice that she is fond jewelry, and adore the toe ring/anklets.

A New Addtion to my Wombie Clan


I never thought I’d ever, not ever, ever adopt another Wombie, but you know the old cliche…never say never.Front and center is my latest Wombie girl. Her name is Pinky, but the clan has been nicknaming her snowball. Pinky is a very special Wombie because she is all white with a pink nose. I have a total of seven Wombies, for boys, and three girls. Above are the three girls. From left to right are Tink, Pinky, and Cookie. I couldn’t be more happy with Pinky. She is so sweet and gentle, and very happy to have entered such a large loving family of Wombies. As you can see Tink and Cookie have introduced her to their clothing closet. Needless to say they have plenty to wear. Pinky just finished a very large bowl of chocolate and is sleepy, so she picked out a pair of PJ’s to take a nap in I’m the World’s luckiest Wombie Mom!!

If you’d like to meet the rest of the Wombie clan you can see them here til I get a new portrait

To learn.where these Wombie come from visit Wombania

Deb’s Wombie Clan


My Wombie Clan

This family portrait of my Wombie clan has been long over due since my latest adoption of my youngest Wombie “Buzz.” Yes, I have six! Count them, 1,2,3,4,5,6. What? Yes, of course I have my hands full!

Don’t forget to stop by Wombania!



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