93 comments on “Binky’s Hacienda Beach House

        • I just read it and commented. Thank you so much! You are such a sweetheart, honey! I’m also glad you connected with Red! She is a wonderful woman!
          I take Cici to the groomer today. She will be getting a very short hair cut today. Maybe I’ll post about it if she sits still long enough for a picture!
          Love and hugs a plenty! xoxo

  1. How delightful my great friend, he will be enjoying
    these excellent surroundings so much that his rocket
    building days could be forgotten about, even shelved
    due to all the excitement of his new Hacienda Beach
    House, I take it that there are a never-ending supply
    of pancakes, wine gums, marshmellows and spambo
    bamboburgers? 🙂 🙂 What a treat for him 🙂

    He Will Be Absolutely Thrilled By this One…

    Nicely offered Deb and thank you for
    sharing your enthusiasm for our Wombania 😉 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Well, if he forgets about those things it will only be due to the newness of his new place. Once he gets past that, he will be very interested in his favorite things, which is why he has a laboratory in this house. Well, his other house has all those things too, but looks like it doesn’t to keep the property taxes down.
      I’ve been having much fun painting the Wombies these day. I find it to be most relaxing of all my subjects these days.
      Hugs ♥XXx

      • Yes and the fun that each painting generates makes it all worthwhile too, I think that our Wombania is spreading throughout WP and that is definitely a positive result in my way of thinking Deb 🙂 🙂 Well done on all of your Wombie Art, and of course your many different themes also, all of which are excellently painted my great friend 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

        • Aw, Andro! you are the nicest person for saying all that! And I do believe you are right…” Wombies are working there way all through WP,”_…a very good thing indeed.
          Thank you so much for supporting me on each and every one that I’ve done too.
          Now…How am I suppose to do one of you when I can’t link you…You’re site is private?
          Hugs ♥XXx

          • Hey don’t worry about it, I know that the thought is there and I am grateful for the painting that you did for me a while ago, even if someone thought it was a portrait of me 🙂 lol I guess some peeps don’t always read the accompanying descriptions do they? 🙂 You could always add my link and do what Red did on her Space, she gave me an award and added my link to it and said ‘But to Gain Access to Andro’s Space You Will Have to Rap on the Gates to Enter’ 🙂 lol

            Have a fun day today Deb 🙂
            I am going grocery shopping next 🙂

            Androgoth XXx

            • You right, not everyone reads the script that goes with the images. If they had, they would have known if was not you, but for you.
              Hey, that’s a great idea what Red said….as always! 🙂 😉 I’ll remember that and use it. Hey, it give her a link too! What a happy family we are!
              Hey, pick me up a few goodies too while your there!…enjoy!
              Hugs ♥ XXx

  2. Now that’s my kind of house! With a laboratory and telescope and everything! My beach house was very nice, but this one is much better for all my scientific R&D!
    Thank you, Deb!

    • You should see the skinny
      dipping pool at the back 🙂 😉
      The scuba diving, honcho bike
      hopping, bungee jumping and
      infamous shark riding too 🙂

      Fun, Fun, Fun 🙂 🙂


      • Shark riding! Whoa! There is a lot of excitement going on over there! Hey, all the blood may attract more sharks, and even worse….those Zombie Wombie walkers :-).
        Hugs ♥ XXx

        • Yes I think that I will stay at the front of the house, it is so much calmer there and with by look of that telescope the nightly star gazing will be very interesting indeed 🙂

          Androgoth XXx

          • Really, but that back always has the goodies!…lol
            The front does have some of Bink’s fav’s, like the lab and the telescope. And by the looks of the sky, he will have a great view. I wonder if there is life out there. Hmmm.
            Hugs ♥XXx

      • Aw, Binky! only the best I can for my friends.
        You’re pretty amazing Binky….for actually making sense of all my typos too!. Thanks for not teasing me about that….you’re the greatest! xo

      • I don’t think anyone is too perfect when it comes to typos!

        Deb, have you ever thought of increasing the “nested comments” to a higher number? It would make it easier to follow more replies to a comment. I have mine set to the maximum, 10. (It’s under Settings–>Discussions–>”Enable threaded (nested) comments levels deep”

        • I suppose you are right, Binky. I guess I just notice my own more.
          I didn’t know I could do that. I just changed it before this reply….thanks Binky! 🙂 😉

    • You’re other house has house has those things too, Binky, there hidden deep within the house…remember? I’m glad you like this one though, Binky, you do have a better area for sending off those rockets when you want.
      Hmm…what is R&D, Binky?

    • Now you he would love to have a visit from! You must go see him, and you must go visit his comic page that I provided in the post. I know you would enjoy his humor, Wendell!
      Thanks for commenting, Wendell! Hugs xx

    • Yup, and it’s his very own and expandable too! He can make the moon zoom in so close he will know precisely where the dark chocolate is before he goes to get some.
      Thanks Autumn! xo

  3. Dang what do now where do i go (not that any one invited me but i go uninvited so…) and.. I am just one person you know!!!
    Deb you have made excellent accommodations for all the Wombies and i am having tough time deciding, will have to divide my time
    what a stunner this painting..Fit for Royalty that is the Wombies

  4. I want one! 🙂 Wow, what a place…equipped with everything, not only chocolate (which is really the most important), but everything you can imagine! Binky is so lucky, but I know he is also the sharing type and would like visits, too! Wonderful painting, Deb! Hugs! xoxo

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