67 comments on “Winky Wonka and His Chocolate Factory

  1. Hello Deb, this evening, i will take two boxes of your chocalates to offer to my little niece (you know, you took all her natural clothes … she have to eat chocolate to get depression out of her little head)
    Please send me by mail his letter, i have lost your previous one …
    Btw, i have post a new friend for my niece … hope she will find him friendly (sure, he will protect her next haircut season!)

    • Oh Eric, your niece Cici (the one who’s natural clothes I took off) can’t eat real chocolate, only the fake kind. Andro feeds her choco bites and she loves those. Really, she does, go over to her post and offer her one. She’ll love you for it.

      Everything after the word please I don’t get. I’m lost. You lost what?
      About your new post. I’ll be over there to have a look at it and hope that you have the “sign up via email,” in your widget bar for me.
      Hugs xx

  2. Those Wonkas get everywhere these days Deb
    so Winky will be enjoying all the extra chocolates
    that he produces in his new factory 🙂

    A wicked and wonderful
    painting here Deb, well done 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Yes, he may eat all if it himself if he is not careful. After all, he has to pay the Winky Wonka workers to with Winky Wonka Chocolate. He could be rich if he controls his appetite a little.

      Thanks Andro for your fine thoughts on Wnky latest post.
      Hope you had a great weekend of ball games too!
      Hugs ♥ XXx

            • I know, he is always so giving 🙂

              I hope that you are
              enjoying a fine evening 🙂

              Androgoth XXx

            • Yes, he is, and it’s that kind of behavior that will bring him everything he could ever want.

              I am, just got home from the beach a few hours ago, dog washed, I’m washed, ordering a pizza…then WWE Monday Night Raw! 🙂 😉
              Hope your have a good evening, Andro! I had fun at Wombania today. I had forgot about you and Fraz being twins. No wonder you come up with such yummy snacks. 🙂 😉
              Hugs ♥ XXx

            • Yes we all have fun in Wombania Deb
              and thank you for making the enjoyment
              over there even better, it is a shame that
              more of our friends and aquaintances of
              Wombania do not join in with our banter,
              but hopefully in time, they will 🙂 🙂

              Have fun with your wrestling Deb 🙂

              Androgoth XXx

            • How very kind of you to shower me with a gift, Andro! Thank you. You will find it on my gifts page shortly!
              Hugs always! ♥ XXx

            • I know, you’d think with all the advertising you and I do of Wombania that people would take an interest. You and me, we like having all the fun we can get! 😉 But maybe in time they will take and interest, as you say! 🙂
              I will enjoy my wrestling….thank you!
              Hugs ♥ XXx

            • Yes, you two couldn’t do more for promoting Wombania if I paid you!
              Thanks, guys!

            • I just like to share a good thing with my friends! Everyone deserves some chocolate, and now I’ve got a whole lot of chocolate to give!

            • We don’t ever want you to run out of it either. Hey, wouldn’t it be nice to have river of chocolate?

  3. Sometimes when i become serious in my day, your site just takes it all away leaving me smiling and laughing all the time thanks for that special gift that you share that can change a complexion of a day!!!! So special you are to me, thanks for the blessings, the hugs and the spiritual embrace…the joy just overwhelms me! Tell Winky I said hello too!

    • Aw, that was a very kind and very generous comment you made, Wendell. I’m glad that I can help lighten your day…we must be children at heart. Visiting your site and reading all your beautiful poems always brighten my day, as you do.
      You have a blessed day, my friend! Hugs xx

      Winky, Wendell says, “Hello!”

  4. Love this, Deb! But why do I get the feeling most of that chocolate is going to fall off the conveyor belt directly into Winky’s mouth before it ever makes it into any packaging?!

  5. Awww….now I’m very jealous of Winky, because I am a chocoholic! There, you have my confession! So, maybe he can whip up some dark chocolate with vanilla creams for me? 🙂

    Adorable painting, Deb! xoxo

    • You don’t have to be jealous, Lauren. 🙂 Winky is sharing all the chocolate his friends…I bet too that he has a freezer in the factory too that’s filled with chocolate ice cream…maybe even vanilla.
      Also Lauren, haven’t your realized yet that you can eat all the chocolate you want at Wombania…anytime you want! :-0 🙂

      • Okay, well, that changes everything! I didn’t know that Wombania’s chocolate is for everyone, but that is just wonderful and so generous! I also wonder if Winky has any mint chocolate chip ice cream…
        🙂 xo

  6. ha ha ha Now see this is exactly the kind of place i would looooooove to work…what a beautiful place this Winky Wonka chocolate factory…one of its kind and the best world has ever had….
    Deb you are a darling…love ya 🙂

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