106 comments on “Binky’s Flight 2014 to the Moon

  1. Oooo yes Deb, no Easter without chocolate… Mmm Mm… Binky’s very brave methinks,… hugs aplenty, brrrr.. it’s still cold and now it’s hailstoning hereabouts, so I shall send warmest of hugs .. 😀 xPenx…

  2. Yes, I’m on my way to the moon! I’m going to try for some extra-special South Pole Moon chocolate this year. It is supposedly very rich due to the extra minerals it has.
    Sent from my MoonPad

  3. I’ve heard that his moon traveling adventures might be a big conspiracy theory! I heard he uses the same filming equipment they used for the 1969 moon landing 😉

  4. Binky is an explorer for sure and his inventions are the talk of the universe, even the Martian’s are after his expertise, or his chocolate? 🙂 Great painting Deb 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  5. Yay, Binky, I hope you’re having a wonderful and safe trip and I can’t wait for your return because dark chocolate is my fave! Deb, you did an awesome job, as always, my friend! xoxox ♥

  6. Deb it is always great to visit your planet and see that your fingers tuned back creating Hope you are good and had a great Easter and while you think what to answer I’ll continue to sing…. take me to the moon…. xxx

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