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Deer Me

Deer Me_watercolors_water_reflections

I painted this watercolor painting and posted it here years ago, but gave it a reflection.

Peace, Quiet and Gentleness


Deer Silhouette

silhouette-branch - Copy

Silhouette Branch

silhouette-deer - Copy

Silhouette Deer

Your remember “On the Prowl,” from one of my previous posting? Well Binky shared several ideas...thank you Binky!  It was pretty easy being a silhouette to just cover up the cat with a different animal. As you can see, I liked Binky’s deer idea! With the deer in the photo it reminds me of peace, quiet, and gentleness, which is in part where the title came from. From there I was also able to make two images out of this one image as shown.

And for my friend Binky and Tony I made this one with a wombat in the scene….Binky thought that would be exquisite…of course he would…

Silhoutte-nature-wombat-2 - Copy (2)

Wombat Silhouette

While I got your attention….

You can help empty Bearman’s from http://beartoons.com empty is pockets this month for very worthy causes,  and it will not cost you anything.  You can read all about it here.

Deer Me

Deer MeWell there is more to the Cape Hatteras Beach than just the beaches… there’s deer too.We’ll see them on our way to the beach, on most mornings. Hubby and I will see deer along the land between NC Hwy 12 and the beach if we leave early enough in the morning.

Watercolor Painting on 140 lb. watercolor paper.

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