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Wombat Wilbur

Wombat05062014 - Copy


Pen and Ink Drawing of a wombat

© 2014

If you like wombats, then you’ll love the web comic “Wombania.”


Peace, Quiet and Gentleness


Deer Silhouette

silhouette-branch - Copy

Silhouette Branch

silhouette-deer - Copy

Silhouette Deer

Your remember “On the Prowl,” from one of my previous posting? Well Binky shared several ideas...thank you Binky!  It was pretty easy being a silhouette to just cover up the cat with a different animal. As you can see, I liked Binky’s deer idea! With the deer in the photo it reminds me of peace, quiet, and gentleness, which is in part where the title came from. From there I was also able to make two images out of this one image as shown.

And for my friend Binky and Tony I made this one with a wombat in the scene….Binky thought that would be exquisite…of course he would…

Silhoutte-nature-wombat-2 - Copy (2)

Wombat Silhouette

While I got your attention….

You can help empty Bearman’s from http://beartoons.com empty is pockets this month for very worthy causes,  and it will not cost you anything.  You can read all about it here.

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