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Mountain Range


Mountain Range and Treeline

Since the temperatures were above freezing and it rained all day, I don’t see any snow in site, giving this mountain range and treeline left with nothing but a cool setting. I’d say spring is on it’s way. This doesn’t mean that we won’t see snow again before Spring really sets in, but if we do I don’t think it will be anything like we’ve had to endure.

About the Art: Digital drawing/painting

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  1. Hope you start seeing those green shoots poking through the snow soon. Being in Sydney, Australia we’re heading the other direction and I was quite excited to see my first autumn leaf last week. Lke your winters, our summers can be quite extreme and so I tend to prefer the in betweens of Autumn and Spring.

  2. That is a beautiful scene.

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  3. A nice restful scene. And no snow, too!

  4. Hi Sweetie! 🙂

    Lovely pic!!! 🙂

    Yes, Spring is on its way!!! 🙂

    Love and chilly hugs!!! 🙂



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