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Landscape and mountain reflection

Northern Lights

northern lights-2008-700

Northern Lights

Another one of my finds that I had not ever posted. This one is a soft pastel drawing of the Northern Lights created in 2008. ©

Mountain Range


Mountain Range and Treeline

Since the temperatures were above freezing and it rained all day, I don’t see any snow in site, giving this mountain range and treeline left with nothing but a cool setting. I’d say spring is on it’s way. This doesn’t mean that we won’t see snow again before Spring really sets in, but if we do I don’t think it will be anything like we’ve had to endure.

About the Art: Digital drawing/painting

Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls_1-25-2012You can click image to see larger.

With all this cold weather we and my friend have been having I thought it would be refreshing to see the country in full bloom with a mountain background and waterfall….just thinking warm.

Digital artwork ©

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