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First Day of Spring 2015

2015-03-20 09.00.13

Spring 2015

Welcome to our Spring

As if winter hasn’t already been long enough for most, old man winter had to decide to bare his head for one more visit with 4″ of snow. It’s still snowing out too.

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  1. You really got a lot of snow this year. I certainly hope this is your last!

  2. Hi sweetheart! 🙂

    Yes, you’ve had enough of the white stuff for one year! 🙂

    We had only a little snow where I live this winter, it even stayed a bit on the warm side apart from a few days here and there! 🙂

    Hope it melts soon and you have a glorious summer! 🙂

    Just to let you know: Doug is being assessed for going back on sickness benefit because of his chronic alcoholism which is good as he should never have been taken off the sick in the first place, but he’s now picking a fight with his Bank, Santander, which should see him facing Bailiff’s for none payment of his overdrawn account and his fines.

    The guy is impossible… 😦

    Love and hugs!


    • Yes, I think we’ve had just about enough snow for one winter and one spring day! :/
      I’m glad you didn’t get too much. 🙂
      Most of it should melt tomorrow since it suppose to be 59 degrees out. 🙂

      He is impossible. 😦

      Love and Hugs xoxo

  3. Spring snow. Lol

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Patience, my dear Deb… patience! Even our winter made a u-turn and from warm spring weather, it turned frosty now! 😦

    • My patience is wearing thin, but it’s okay. I just found out it will be 60 degrees tomorrow….Yay, spring is coming! 🙂

  5. The good news is you don’t have to mow the lawn

  6. Hi Deb!!! so good to see ur drawings and amazing art again!
    big hugs

  7. Gosh that is Spring??? I agreew with Bearman on the upside

  8. Yes Spring I see was late in arriving… Hope all is well with you Deb.. sending thoughts your way .. And Hope Spring has finally sprung xxx

  9. That’s a big helping of snow for the first day of spring 😦 I hope that by now you are enjoying the glorious rays of sunshine and sipping cold refreshments from a waiting straw 🙂 Maybe there is a slave pampering you too, I know you deserve such a treat that’s for sure 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • Hello, my dear friend. How are you doing these days?…well I hope.
      Yes, I’ve been sipping on my cold refreshments on the beach, but there is no one pampering me, but I do pamper myself.
      How has the weather been in your area? I hope it’s been nice. It’s very hot done here now.
      Much love and hugs xoxo

      • I am fine thank you my lovely friend,
        and I am pleased that you are pampering
        yourself and enjoying the beach 🙂 That
        does sound welcoming to say the very
        least Deb 🙂 How is Mitch getting along
        now? I hope that he is feeling much better
        and is able to follow his fishing hobby
        again, I know you two will be serving up
        many delicious meals after his catches 🙂

        Andro xxx

        • Mitch is doing much better, though he’ll be glad when we’re done moving.
          Thank you for thinking to ask about him. I know he appreciates it as much as I do.
          Much love and hugs to you, my friend xoxoxo

  10. Hi sweetie! 🙂

    Just popping by to spread a little love and hugs on a cloudy Summers day! 🙂

    God Bless my friend – I miss you!!! 🙂


    • Hi Prenin,
      So nice of you to drop by to see me and spread give me some love.
      Hope your not too hot out there. It’s pretty hot around here.
      God bless you too, my friend…always
      Much love and hugs xoxo

  11. How terrible – eh?
    I think we barely have spring happening right now.
    Beats snow any day though.


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