24 comments on “Winter Begone!

  1. It’s getting warmer here, but that’s because of unusual weather conditions! 🙂

    We’ve seen little snow this year thank goodness!!! 🙂

    Just to let you know Doug has spent the last of his mother’s bequest and borrowed £5 because his electricity was running low and his tropical fish would die if the power ran out.

    He returned from the shop about half an hour later and returned the money as his benefits had been paid into his account.

    He’s in a right state though: If he gets sanctioned again he’s planning on doing something so bad he’ll go to jail. 😦

    This government has victimised the poor so badly that people have been dying as a result.

    Doug reckons that jail is the only option he has as otherwise he’ll die… 😦

    Love and hugs!


    • I think we’ve just got hammered with snow for the last time of the season…I hope
      I have no doubts what he spent that on. :/
      Sounds like he want to go there. :/

      Love and hugs!

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