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Drawing at the Beach


Sand Dunes by Cape Hatteras Pier

A little sketch I had done between dipping in the ocean and taking in sun rays next to Hatteras Pier

Charcoal drawing


The Village

P_The Village

The Village

I had just got myself a new set of soft pastel pencils when I created this. I had been using the sticks, but wanted to give my hand a try with the pencils. I’m use to using charcoal and graphite pencils so I didn’t really think there would be too much of a difference. My theory proved correct. However, I found that the soft pastels pencils blend out more easily and beautifully than charcoal or graphite pencils. If you like to draw get yourself a set of these pencils. Artist to artist…I really think you’ll be pleased with them. I found mine at Micheal’s Art and Crafts while I was in town.

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Beach House

Beach House

Simple beach house watercolor painting.


Soundside Lifestyle

Sound Side Living

Here I’ve challenged my self to do a painting using the techniques of Steve Fleming.  I found his techniques to be basic and pleasant to achieve a nice impressionistic watercolor painting of houses along the sound, without over concerning myself with too many details .

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