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Tree of Life

tree of life-2009-650

Tree of Life

Oil pastel painting of a tree.

One of my other finds since we moved to the beach.

© 2009

Northern Lights

northern lights-2008-700

Northern Lights

Another one of my finds that I had not ever posted. This one is a soft pastel drawing of the Northern Lights created in 2008. ©

Virginia Tornado


Just a few days after Hurricane Arthur (who was not to nice to us) Tornadoes hit the east coast of the Norfolk, Chesapeake and other towns of the east coast of Virgina

The Village

P_The Village

The Village

I had just got myself a new set of soft pastel pencils when I created this. I had been using the sticks, but wanted to give my hand a try with the pencils. I’m use to using charcoal and graphite pencils so I didn’t really think there would be too much of a difference. My theory proved correct. However, I found that the soft pastels pencils blend out more easily and beautifully than charcoal or graphite pencils. If you like to draw get yourself a set of these pencils. Artist to artist…I really think you’ll be pleased with them. I found mine at Micheal’s Art and Crafts while I was in town.

This was previously posted in 2/2008…©

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