24 comments on “The Village

  1. I just noticed this was an old one. Very nice, though. I was going to say you haven’t done one of these scenes lately, but you haven’t done this one lately either! I like the shading on the main tower, it gives it that old weathered/stained look.

  2. I really like what you’ve done.
    The sky looks amazing but nothing beats the texture you got on those buildings. It looks dreamy + surreal.
    I don’t want to make the drawing sound bad – but the texture you had on the wooden wall could use some work. I hope you work on that. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

    • Thank you, Yaakov. I did this one back in Feb of 2008. It’s getting all it’s going to get since it’s always been preserved with sealer.

      • Hm, I understand. I kind of meant it in the sense of future drawings. But 2008… you probably have it mastered by now…

        • I’m nor so sure of that. I’ve been working with watercolors and digital so much for the longest time that drawing sometime feels a bit foreign to me. But I’m sure if I did a few drawings it would all come back to me.

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