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Remembrance of Bunny

Remembering my daughter, my little bug
Just wishing I could give her another hug,
It’s been a year since I felt her embrace,
I look around just to see a trace,
It’s really hard now that we’re apart
But find her alive and living in my heart.
I love you young one more that you know,
When I sense you presence, my tears sometimes flow.
I know your at peace with God above,
And you’ll keep living on, by His undying love…For all eternity

We miss you Bunny


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  1. So sorry for your loss hun.

    Love and huge hugs to you and Mitch.


  2. My condolences.

  3. Oh this can’t be easy. She was so young. So beautiful. Even though it’s been a while since her passing, when the grief resurfaces it’s all too fresh. I understand. A soft big hug to you Deb. Love, Paulette ❤

  4. That’s beautiful. Sorry for your loss.

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. That was a very sad day indeed. Nothing can really heal such a loss; you can only learn to live with it as time goes on.

    • That what we’ve been doing. We’re at peace with it knowing she’s no longer suffering anymore, but we’d still like to be able to see here, and we will one day when our time comes.
      Thank you for your kind words, Binky
      Hugs xxx

      • I’m glad you’re at peace with it now, but I’m sure it still must be hard, especially at times like the anniversary.

        • Yeah, it’s kind of hard when that date comes rolling around, but I believe with each passing year it will get easier….just not so much now.
          Thanks Binky.
          Hugs xxx

  6. Deb, this is a lovely tribute to your beautiful daughter and words can’t express how I feel right now…I know it’s not easy, so just know I’m here anytime you need to talk and if I could, I’d give you a hug…love ya, my friend…xoxo

    • Just knowing you a phone call away makes it easier for me. I know if I need to talk I can call you, or write you.
      Your virtual hugs are just as good, my friend….thank you!
      Love you too, Lauren…hugs xoxo

  7. Oh, wait. What ? Oh, no . I’m so sorry. I don’t know what to say. I didn’t know you lost your little girl. T.T Hugs .

    • Yes, a year ago yesterday. We miss her very much, but are at peace knowing she is not longer suffering.
      Thank you for you support, Ren xo

  8. Memories grow sweeter with each and every day. Wishing you peace, always.

  9. big hugs, Eddie

  10. Beautiful words Deb. Lots of best wishes to you, victoria xxx

  11. A lovely poem, healing I hope as well. Hugs.

  12. My thoughts are with you.

  13. Beautiful words to your daughter. So glad you shared the pain and optimism with us.

  14. Beautiful Words. I’m sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. This brought tears to my eyes having a daughter myself . May time heal you and make you stronger so that you can enjoy the wonderful memories.

    • Love your daughter everyday like it was your last, because we never know when our time comes. With Bunny, we new is was just a matter of time, but still, I could not prepare myself for that day.
      Thank you, Isabel for your kind and thoughtful words.

  15. Oh Deb am so sorry sending you hugs Dear a sis.
    Know that You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love ya

    • Very nice to see you again, Soma!
      Thank you, sweetheart, for your kind thoughts and words.
      I love ya too.

  16. Deb, i always embrace you and hubby and family in my prayers! I am moved by many things in life, and inspired to write for all situations. I love you my sister, so I just want to share my favorite poem with you as it reminds me of what you have written, and i can see your spirits smile alive even in my poem, because it is relative to what is felt!


    Whenever I see the butterflies flying
    I am reminded of your smiling face,
    As I see them taking wing into the sky
    I feel emotions which are never displaced

    For in my heart also live the butterflies
    As they come to life within me each day
    While I count the different memories of you
    Which in my thoughts and dreams will stay

    The brightness of their many vibrant colors
    Produce a vivid rainbow deep within my mind
    Which fills my heart with such unwavering joy
    Allowing me to enjoy them for endless times

    The butterflies will be my deepest treasure
    Leaving me never again feeling the same
    As the peace they bring to me cannot be measured
    For on their wings are imprinted your name.

    I Know Bunny’s smiles and love embrace you each day!
    Hugs, love , and blessings to you always my dearest sister!


    • Wendell…thank you so much. This poem put a smile on my face and in my heart, my heart flutters. I read the poem to my hubby “Mitch” and he was moved by it as well. We both thank you for all your support, love and prayers.
      You are my brother, whom I love always
      Big hug!

  17. I wish you peace and love, Deb. My condolences for your loss. ❤

  18. Thoughts with you in remembrance Deb.. and love Wendells response too.. xxx

  19. The love & emotions of missing your daughter are so felt in your words.

  20. A beautiful tribute Deb. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must be to cope with the loss of a child.

  21. I feel your loss. My sincere condolences.

  22. Deb, I am sorry to read it so late and not being able to support you on such a sad day, but you always in my thoughts and I feel so sad reading your beautiful words to such a precious soul. I give you all a very very strong hug, I am very sorry my friend on your loss XXX


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