38 comments on “Our Precious Bunny

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. That is far too young to be taken from you. It must be a very difficult time for both of you, and you have my deepest condolences. Words cannot express my sorrow.
    Take care, Mitch and Deb.

  2. Deb my heart and my prayers are with you dear sister, there are no words that I can say, for I know the pain also because I lost two sons. But my spirit hugs you and your family with an abundance of love! May God strengthen you during these moments.

  3. I am so very sorry Deb and Mitch, for once I have no words
    that can ease your pain and suffering, she was truly a beautiful
    young woman and her passing is such a cruel twist to life…

    I offer you my most sincerest condolences and do know that I
    am thinking about you this evening, and always my sweet friends.
    I am virtually hugging you both and I am feeling the hurt also…

    Andro xxxx

  4. Oh, my dear dear Deb, what sad sad news is this… I am so sorry for your loss. You both have my sincere condolences and prayers for your sweet daughter. Hugs to you my dear friend. I am speechless…

  5. Oh, Deb, I am at a loss for words and emotional on my end…this is sad and startling for how young your beautiful girl was..I am so very sorry and you, Mitch, and your family are all in my prayers…you can contact me anytime if you need to talk…sending my love and many comforting hugs to you, my friend..xoxoxo

  6. So sorry hun! 😦

    There are no words for such times, only that I give you my love and that I hope you find ease from the pain and sadness you must be feeling right now.

    Bunny was a beautiful woman and, given her parents, a beautiful soul.

    Love and hugs always.


  7. There is no remedy for the pain you feel now. Seems like not even time will make this easier. Lost in the great sea you are wondering what is it all about anyway? Hugs, love, Eddie
    p.s. time does heal

  8. Deb, I’m so sorry for your loss… Just reading about it right now and I’m SO sorry… That’s awful. Thinking of you and your family. Bunny was such a beautiful lady. She could have been my sister, my friend… it’s a tragedy. 😦
    Big hugs to you, my friend. ❤ ❤ ❤

  9. Dear Deb,
    all my heart …………….. sorry i read this so late ….
    condolences are not enough xxxx
    i send you tons and tons of warmth
    and wish you peace and solace xx Cat x

  10. I am so terribly sorry for your loss, Deb and Mitch. I really don’t know what to say. Hang in there and your family will always be in my prayers. *virtual hug*

  11. I truly have no words, Deb… I’m just… absolutely stunned. I wish I was so much better at knowing ‘the right thing’ to say, but, honestly… there can’t be anything that anyone could say at a time like this. Just… so incredibly, unimaginably, devastatingly sad. I am truly very, very sorry to hear this, Deb… my deepest most heartfelt condolences… your family is in my thoughts…

  12. Dear Deb & Mitch, please accept my deepest condolences . I couldn’t imagine how difficult it would be to lose one of your children or how to even begin coping with such a loss.

  13. Oh my God…Deb :/
    I haven’t been seeing your posts on my reader 😦 I wondered what you were thanking me for…and why? And what happened….so I looked back at your posts and I just saw this.

    I truly am sorry for the feel of loss and heartbreak you must have been and I’m sure are still going through, though each day, week , month..it will slowly ease. Know that as a soul she is free and is beautiful and is with God…*big big hugs*

  14. The first paragraph of Shree’s comment applies to me as well. I am SO sorry for your loss Deb. It is extremely difficult when you outlive your children. My warmest thoughts are with you and your husband right now. xo

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  16. My God,
    Deb , I missed this post and I’m so sorry for your loss . This so sad ……
    My sincer conductance and prayers for your daughter.
    My thoughts are with you ….

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