32 comments on “Cold Day

  1. Hi Debs! 🙂

    It has stopped raining for the moment here in the sunny UK and it’s slowly warming up, but this has been the wettest winter for 250 years and there’s been a lot of damage.

    Thing is it isn’t over yet, but we’ve been promised at least 10 days of sunny weather! 🙂

    Hope things warm up for you soon! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs to you, Mitch and the dogs!!! 🙂


    P.S: WordPress is screwed up again so I may have to be clever posting this! 🙂

    • I guess everyone has been having a rough winter this year. Something has to give sooner or later.
      Enjoy those 10 days of sun, my friend!
      Love and squishy hugs xoxo

      I left a message and Andro, and think I went to spam. I mentioned it to him in my previous post, but I don’t think he’s seen my message yet. If you see him, drop him a line about it for me.


  2. Brrr, now that’s cold Deb, we’re experiencing a sort of strange warm, summer-like spring at the moment, which I feel sure we’ll be paying for later on.. 😦 May your dreams of a lovely Spring be fulfilled. warmest of hugs xPenx

    • It is cold, and just last week we had spring type days…so keep that guard up, Lady Pen!
      And while your here let me give you a hot buttered biscuit and tea.
      Enjoy your warm weather while is lasts. xoxo

  3. It was supposed to be about -15 C last night, -30 with the windchill. Got about 6 inches of snow yesterday, too. Mid day and it’s only -5 C (23 F). Definitely time for some warm treats!

  4. I hope it soon warms up for you Deb.. I certainly know how long a wet winter we have had.. and thank goodness its not been snow.. 🙂 or we would have had 20 foot lol .. xxx

    • I hope so too. Today wasn’t too bad…not like yesterday. Monday it’s suppose to snow again leaving us about 5 inches….so they say.
      Oh my, thank goodness it wasn’t snow! Ewwww, that would be tragic!

  5. Ironically, we’re getting mid 70’s this week and weekend, Deb, so I’ll send you some warm weather. I can’t even imagine those temps! I’d freeze since I get cold easily! 🙂 Try to stay warm and bake something good, too! Sending warm hugs! xo

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