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Snow Day!


Snowman Winter Scene

It snowed today, and left us with 5″-6″ of snow.

© 2013

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Hi, Deb, sending you Season’s Greetings … Love, cat.

  2. Time to get the tractor and snow blade out to push snow again .

  3. Mr Snowman is so cute and I love the birdy on his branch! 🙂
    You too have a great week, Deb! 🙂 xx

    • Thank you, Marina, and for putting up with my snowman fever. 🙂
      Glad you like it!
      Have a great week!

  4. This is another awesome snowman Deb,
    I like the broad smile and perch-like arms
    for the red breasted Robin to enjoy 🙂 🙂

    Hope your weekend has been a lovely one 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • I thought of making it bigger since snowmen love snow…it fattens them up…lol
      This snowman has open twigs for the birds.

      Weekend was quiet, I hope your was a wonderful weekend!
      Hugs xxx

      • It has been a wet and windy weekend but that never stops me from smiling 🙂 Have a wondrous rest of Sunday and a lovely week ahead my sweet and great friend 🙂 😉

        Andro xxxx

  5. This is another really nice snowman. And it looks very nice and snowy, too.

    Six inches of snow? Oh no! I hope none of your extended family got buried!

    • Thank you, Binky! Folks seem to really like snowmen!

      Yes, 6″

      There okay, well, till they have to clean it up anyway…lol

      Hugs xxx

  6. Beautiful, Deb! Enjoy and send me some when you can! Love and hugs to ya, too! ♥

    • If I could pack some up and send you some I would. I think you need a trip to Big Bear this winter. 🙂
      Love and hugs a plenty! xoxo

      • I know you would and actually, we’ll plan for a Lake Tahoe trip. It’s closer now that we’re in northern Calif! 🙂 Hugs! xo

        • Oh that right! I had forgotten that you said you were all going there. You’ll have so much fun! And to think, you can just drive away from it rather than having to did yourself out of it. Now that’s the only way to enjoy snow!
          Love and hugs xxx

  7. Very nice.

    Sent from my iPhone

  8. I think you post a few of these guys a while back on my blog.

  9. Such a cute snowman! Love the little birdie on his twig arm. Must be one of my favorites.

  10. The smile on your snowman make me smile also! I wished we had some snow here in Georgia! I miss the snow! Thanks Deb for the beautiful image!

    • I’d pack it all up and send it to you if I could, Wendell. I find the snow pretty to look at at first fall, but he mess to clean up is not fun at all.
      I’m glad you like the smile on the snowman and he made you smile too.
      Your welcome, and thank you for visiting and commenting, my brother!

  11. I love your frosty, happy snowman and the little bird enjoying the view.

  12. Aww…I can just feel snowman’s happiness being in the snow!!

  13. Lovely piece as always Deb! 🙂

    We have no snow here yet, just rain showers, but I’m not looking forward to it! 😦

    I did the last of my Christmas shopping today: Quality Street chocolates for Lillian and my God daughter’s family.

    Money is tight so I can’t afford more than the minimum.

    Hopefully this week’s trip to the shops will see me make up the difference by buying less…

    Love and hugs!


    • Hopefully you won’t get any, but that’s just not likely.

      We all do the best we can during these troubling financial times.

      Love and hugs, my friend! xxx

  14. What a cute little birdy on his arm. nice work Deb, hope Mitch enjoys shovelling the snow…

  15. Deb you are the only one who can make a snowman smile.. no doubt you will make the snow melt down.. keep warm x

  16. great for a blanket print! BEAUTIFUL shading & contours. Merry Christmas dear~ Faithfully Debbie

  17. ArtbyLinz

     /  December 10, 2013

    Delightful! Loving this 🙂

  18. Winter sounds well and truly there Deb, and so love ALL your cheerful snowmen… And I am loving ALL your snow men creations… Big Warm Hugs from the U.K. 🙂 xxx

    • I agree, winter is here, and it’s been very cold here too. They say it will snow again on Monday.
      Sue, you are so very kind, thoughtful and loyal to me. You mean so much to me. Please forgive me for having not taken the time to visit you. Know you are not singled out. I’ve not visited blogs in a while outside of on a whim.
      I love you, my dear friend.
      Love and hugs a plenty! xxx

      • My dear Deb, please do not worry, we all have lives outside of Blog land, and especially this time of year things get hectic especially.. I love your artwork and creations, and know we are friends.. that means much to me too.. Today I am madly catching up, tomorrow lol my fingers will ache with all the typing I have done, as I try to catch up with people I too have neglected haha…. I never ever catch up..
        Stay warm and safe and well, lots of love back 🙂 xxxx


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