34 comments on “It’s Gonna Blow!

    • Hi Wendell. I didn’t know you had a new site, so I’m glad you stopped by. I fixed your link in my blogroll so I can find you now.
      Glad I made you smile!
      Hugs xx

      • Woops just read it again.. Nasty?! who write such a thing on Deb? anyway you saved him, you are a Hero!!! You are always my hero… apology how dare I… I must have been distressed seeing him going to go.. Have a great weekend xx

        • Lol…Ah, Doron, you are too funny! I got love ya, my friend!
          Have a great weekend, and look out for snowmen that don’t a carrot for a nose!
          Hugs a plenty! xxx

          • Hey great I thought I was mis understood and wanted to get burried once that snowboy get blown up.. now I feel relief and glade you saved him.. you have great sense of humour and thanks for putting up with me.. It snow heavy in Jerusalem for the last two days but nobody send me a ticket yet… so I’ll have to wait for our own made.. beside it is dark outside and freezing I am not going out looking for anyone.. OK for you I would go out… send me the torch… just checked on Google… a Torch = a portable battery-powered electric lamp. Big pineapple hugs and super weekend to you too xxx

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