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Winter Begone!

3Okay, so it’s looks a little cruel, but I’m sick of snow! We just got dumped another 10″ of the white stuff.

I’ll even be glad when it’s cold carcass melts away.

Digital art © 2015

Snow Day and Fraz

While the snowfall is plenty and the temperatures are cold, I still built me a snowman, just not outside. I made this one instead and had just as much fun.



Then I thought is would be fun to incorporate Fraz, since I know if it’s snowing out he would surely build a snowman.


Fraz and Snowman

If you don’t know who Fraz is you can visit him at his home at:


Snowman Portrait


Snowman 2015

Digitally drawn snowman since the sky has dropped about 5″ on snow today.

© 2015

Winter Play

Looking out the window, Enjoying the snow fall.

After it builds up, I make three large balls.

The first two are the biggest,  to serve as the base.

Piling one on the other, and the third one’s the face.

It will need rocks and things to give it expression,

I want to look good, for a nice impression.

I’ll need a carrot, to use as a nose.

Then give it a scarf, so he don’t feel froze.

He’ll need some arms, so I’ll use tree branches.

Then the birds will perch there, and do their dances.

I’ll get a hat, to cover his crown…

There’s one in the closet, I think it’s brown.

Now he’s done, and ready for display.

And that’s how you play,

On a cold winter’s day.

th_nov_snowmanimage: courtesy of Google

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