38 comments on “Don’t Be So Grouchy!

  1. Oooh Deb…he really seems grumpy!!!
    This will be fun :
    1. WHERE is my COFFEE (seed)!!
    2. You did WHAT to the eggs? (Possibly mama bird being appalled at papa bird..hehehe)
    3. I am NOT laying any eggs in that sorry excuse for a nest!!

    That was fun!!

  2. Wow, you really captured grumpiness, Deb! Awesome job and I think I’ll stay away for now…my sister has 5 huge parrots and when they bite, it hurts! 🙂 Have a great evening, my friend! xoxo

        • Aw, what a kind thing to read from you to start my morning!
          You know you really re the one that’s the best for sharing such kindness with me…thank you!
          Hugs a plenty! xxx

          • Talking of kindness, thank you for
            the Simon’s Cat Video, it was hilarious 🙂
            I couldn’t add it to my Space though as
            the playing format was not accepted on
            my WP extra pages, don’t know why? 😦

            I can still enjoy it on my laptop though 🙂 Yaay

            Andro xxxx

            • Sending that to you was my pleasure, Andro!
              Hmm, maybe it can be up-loaded to U-tube and you could link it from there.
              I’m just glad you enjoyed that one! I’ve been watching it from time to time since I finally found it buried in my computer.
              Hugs xxx

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