110 comments on “Doctor of Chocolatology

  1. I’ve finally got my degree! And I’m a doctor! I can hardly believe it! It has been a lot of work eating all that chocolate, but it was worth it! And I have to thank Deb for making it all possible!

    I’ll have to make a big chocolate party so we can all celebrate with all kinds of chocolate from around the world!

    • I didn’t do anything but have you stay with me after enrollment at school. You did it all on your own, Winky! You got your degree in chocolatology! All that eating has finally paid off…one piece of chocolate after another till you knew all could be known about chocolate! The testing was brutal, but you pulled it off with flying colors. You passed with HONORS!

      A party sounds great, we’ll have to begin our research for find all the best chocolate in the world…and send Binky to the Mooon for some special chocolate. He might want to take you with him on the next trip so you get only the best stuff. 😉 And I’ll be looking too. …Yaaaay! Winky is having a graduation party!

  2. I love This Deb……
    But I love you and your words of Guidance 🙂 MORE 🙂
    Grateful that I can Go direct to Your site from The Tnanksgiving Image every day 🙂
    Have a Beautiufllllllllllllll Daaay Angel Heart Lady = you xoxoxo C

    • Oh Pumpkin. You always make my day whenever you come here to visit me…You’re so full of love and kindness…thank you for that.
      Today. Eat right, take breaks when working…it will help you re-focus on whatever your doing. But most of all…trust God.
      Love and hugs, Pumpkin! 🙂 xxx
      Oh! I almost forgot…thank you for the comment about my Winky art. muwah! 🙂 xxx

  3. Waaaaaaaaaaaa!! Ahaahhaha Deb, you’re so amazing.
    Just love this post, your brilliant ideas and your awesome drawings/ paintings.
    Can’t stop laughing, that’s just too good!!!
    And also congratulations to Winky! He’s a huge inspiration to me.

    • “He,” has a degree in chocolatology, Krystiana. Winky’s a Doctor now…He’s a Chocolatologist. 🙂
      Thanks Krystiana…Have a nice day too! 🙂

  4. Oh this is such a lovely news Congrats Winky I knew your love for chocolates will take you places..
    “Chocolate creating winners since the very first day” what say
    Deb you are super awesome what a fun write up and painting..
    hey can i apply for that degree too

    • I’m sure you can…just ask Winky to give you all the details for enrollment…He’ll fix you right up!
      Glad you enjoyed this post, Soma! ♥

      • Thanks, Soma! Of course you can get a degree in Chocolatology too! You just have to be willing to eat chocolate and make chocolate and study chocolate every day for a couple of years.

  5. This is absolutely brilliant Deb, simple put these paintings and Winky’s Award are amongst your finest Wombania efforts so far, you are brilliant at these my great friend 🙂 🙂

    I bet Winky is chocohappytastic over this one and he deserves the accolade, chocolate is his first, second and third best hobby so he must be thrilled with this fine award 🙂

    Andro xxx

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