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Snowman Scene

snowman and bird--2014-01-21 - Copy


It’s been snowing here since 5:00 am this morning and were up to 8″, and it’s not going to stop anytime soon.

Naturally, I was inspired to build a snowman indoors.

Painted digitally

Snow Day!


Snowman Winter Scene

It snowed today, and left us with 5″-6″ of snow.

© 2013

Have a great week everyone!

Cold and Breezy

Coastal Breeze-ink-watercolor-5x7-dja-7-3-2011 - Copy

For the past few days it’s been cold, raining, and windy with high gusts. But there seems to always be a promise of warmer weather. What I’d like to know is….where is it?

Snow Clean-Up

100_6573 - Copy


Cassie told her Daddy she needed the snow pushed  out of the drive so she could go for a walk…a-hem, among other things.

Mitch doesn’t mind doing it, once he gets started.

The space you see between our drive and the house across the way is not our street. It’s the rest of our driveway that leads to a road on both ends….He’ll have someone come out and clear that since the drive is very long, and steep.

It’s also calling for more snow Saturday.

CAM00027 - Copy

Cici Staring

Then Cici decided she wanted me to post her Daddy pushing the snow, and sat right by my laptop watching me till I got it all done and published.

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