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Twink’s Beach House Deck


Twink’s Deck

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On the left is Twink from Wombania. On the right is Cookie, she is my adopted Wombie. Both Twink and Cookie are taking a Labor Day retreat at Twink’s beach house having chocolate tea and pancakes for breakfast. This is one morning that the two of them don’t have to slave away all day taking care of other Wombies. It’s just the two of them enjoying the peace and solitude that goes along with beach living, and enjoying the mild summer breeze.

If you’d like to have some more fun swing by Wombania today…you won’t be sorry

Happy Labor Day!

Whimsical Bird


Digital drawing

Beach Paradise

Beach Paradise

I know that cocktail looks refreshing, but I’ve reserved it for my dear friend, Lauren. Don’t worry Lauren, it’s a virgin cocktail.

Digital drawing

© 2014


Owls-the-wise-old-owls-2 - Copy

The Wise Old Owls

A lesson to be learned

© 2013

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