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Movie Night

Sitting in the dark watching the late night show.
Eating popcorn and chips and drinking soda really slow.
The movie is about to start and is sure to be scary,
I won’t tell you what it is, but the creature is hairy.
It works by day and falls a sleep at night.
But it wakes before dawn to go out for a bite.
Maybe you know, who this is by now.
And chances are, you have heard him howl.

Poem and artwork © 2012

A Sweet Self Discovery



I’ve learned something new about me today.

It’s about sweet things, so what can I say…

I was at the market doing my shopping,

It was kind of boring and nothing was hopping.

Then I picked up some donuts to take home for a snack,

And on the drive home I had an attack.

The thought of having sugar got me all jitterier and nervous,

And when I got home, hubby said, “Please serve us.”

But it’s weird that the thought of sugar gets me going,

I don’t even have to eat it, and my blood start flowing.

But I still had to eat them to enjoy the taste,

Because tossing away good donuts would be such a waste.


About the Artwork: Watercolors on 140 lb. coldpress watercolor paper 4.5″ x 6″

Remembering 911


We will always remember
That horrific day,
When they came to destroy us,
When they came to slay.
With sudden impact,
With great force,
Terrorists attacked us,
They were the source.
They used our planes,
For their deadly attack,
Then the sky turned gray,
Then it turned black.
The Towers were burning,
On several floors,
People can’t get out,
Not out the doors.
Then the building crumbled,
To the ground,
Many had died,
Others not found.
May God bless them,
And take them to heaven.
Those that suffered
From 9/11

Always remember with compassion.

911 watercolor painting  created 9/2012, Poem written 9/2011


Video of that dark and tragic day


Sail Day

Enjoying the summer from the sand,

watching the people sail.

We’re all relaxed

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