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Evening Conversation: Flash in the Pan (150 words)

Dan and Sue were having a nice evening at home. Dan in the other room with a few friends, as Sue  sat in the living room with 9 others all trying to carry on a conversation with her. With her glass empty, she tried to excuse herself long enough to get a glass of water and an Aspirin for her now growing headache,  but each time she tried they just kept on talking. Her husband happened to be passing in the hall so she waves for him to come over to her.

“What is it dear?’  He asks, looking concerned.

“Would you get me a glass of water and an Aspirin?”

“Not at all, dear, but what brought on this headache.”

“Everyone is trying to converse with me at the same time and it’s very hard to keep up.”

Looking shocked, he answers.” But Honey, we don’t have any company.


This post is dedicated to the M3 flash fiction challenge

Word chosen: Company

Inspired by Red at:


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