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Fraz Wins the WWE Wrestling Match

Fraz defeats the Big Show…a 441 lb. giant, and wins the title match!

Fraz’s the Champ

(click image to enlarge)

Ex-Champion “Sheamus” lost his WWE  World Heavyweight Championship at Hell in the cell on October 28th, 2012 to “The Big Show.”  Though recently there was a very unusual belt match put together on Monday Night Raw’s by managing supervisor, “Vickie Guerrero, ” with Fraz of Wombania taking on the 441 pound giant and World Heavyweight Champion, “The Big Show.”  It was brutal, it was intense…it was epic!  The pain inflicted on one another was like no other match in history. Big Shows temper was on fire. The WWE Universe was at the top of their lungs rooting for Fraz, and Booing Big Show.  But in the end, Fraz defeats the Big Show with a “Sleeper Hold,” and becomes the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion!…Yaaay Fraz!

About the image: digitally painted for Wombania
About the story: Fiction, for playing along with “Flash in the Pan for the word “fire.” at Momma’s Money Matters (125 words for the words)

Flash in the Pan: Life on a Sandbar (125 words)

Waiting for his brother to get home to let him in he stood outside his camper door smoking a cigarette and feels the cold east wind cut right through him. He raises his sweatshirt hood over his head, and as he turns around to shield the cold wind from his face he sees that the sound has been pushed inland from the hurricane’s high forced winds. Feeling very nervous now he takes a puff off his smoke then feels the wind change directions blowing the warm westerly wind onto his face. He knows now that the once sucked up sound that was once present to the edge of the marina is now returning furiously like a raging fire. But never lived to tell the story.

This post is dedicated to the M3 flash fiction challenge

Chosen word: Fire

Inspired by Red at:


Breakfast: Flash in the Pan (125 Words)

While finishing up his breakfast the old man hears the chirping of little birds outside his window. So he goes out to fill the bird feeder so they will have plenty to eat. Meanwhile, waiting for the right moment while the little birds get their fill off the feeder a little squirrel sits behind the tree waiting patiently. Once the birds finished and flew away the little squirrel jumps from one branch to the other till it makes its way to the top of the feeder. Working very diligently the squirrel finally get the feeder tipped to its side in order to get the seeds, when all at once it gets pounced by the cat that was sitting patiently in the corner of the yard.

This post is dedicated to the M3 flash fiction challenge.

Chosen word: Corner

Inspired by Red at: http://mommasmoneymatters.com/flash-fiction/

Fox Howl Farm: Flash in the Pan (125 Words)

With heart pounding, and panting like a frightened dog John continues to run, from the Fox Howl Farm serial killer that has been on the loose in the state of Indian for over two years, killing nine people to date. John, now so frightened, his legs are beginning to betray him as he falls over sticks and twigs. His mind is racing, his hope is dim, but continues toward the light shining through the thick of the woods. With the smell of rotting filth and the eerie sensation of a hot breath upon his neck he halts with gripping fear. He turns around to face his killer that has a face like!…Then suddenly he hears a voice shout, “John, wake up, you having a nightmare!”

This post is dedicated to the M3 flash fiction challenge, Flash in the Pan.

Chosen word:

Wake Inspired by Red at:


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