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Flash in the Pan: Cantina

Neither Alberto nor Maria had ever had these feelings for anyone ever before. It was a night both of them would always remember.
They each had one more shots at the local cantina, gathered up their things and left into the pouring rain and wind.
His eyes searched the dirt road for a cab. He saw one, waved his hand as he whistled to get its attention. The cab stopped; he got in and asked her to join him.
She replied, “I don’t want to sit with you in that cab any more than I did in that cantina!”


Mexican cartoon-watercolor-2013-03-16-trans-2Better luck next time little dude.


This is part of the M3 Flash in the Pan word challenge.
Challenged word is “Cantina,” with a word limit of 100 words. This one comes in at 99 words.

Image credit goes to Deb Adams,  originally posted here.

Paranoid: Flash in the Pan (100 words)

The narrow cave walls felt as though they were closing in on her, breathing only half the time out of sheer terror. “What was that?” as she quickly turned around, but nothing was there. The feeling that she was not alone became stronger, but she had to keep moving forward. She couldn’t shake her disemboweled friend out of her mind not 100 feet back. Struggling with her thoughts, trying to keep calm, but the damp, cold, darkness was getting the better of her. She swore fervently that she’d change her ways if she could just see the light of day.


This post is dedicated to the M3 flash fiction challenge.

Word chosen: Light

Inspired by Red at:


Determination: Flash in the Pan (100 Words)

After sitting in the sun for more than three hours he decided it was time to figure out something that worked a bit better for the task at hand. With limited gear and not much time left of the day he knew the only way to catch that fish was to take the Kayak out about 200 yards from the shore to drop in his line. So with determination he did what he set out to do. Within what seemed like several hours of a fight he had reeled in his Cobia on the very last day of his vacation.

This post is dedicated to the M3 flash fiction challenge, Flash in the Pan.

Chosen word: Fish

Inspired by Red at:


The Journey: Flash in the Pan (100 Words)

   With both eyes squinted, he shadows them from the hot sun with his hand to see how much further his journey will be. Almost there, taking a few more steps, then stops to take a drink of his now warm, water, splashing the remainder over his head and chest, feeling little relief due to the hot breezeless day. Continuing on to his ever so close destination, oddly, there’s a breeze, cool against his damp skin, he stops to embrace it. Looking on as the breeze flows by, only to find that it was the bus that he wanted to catch.

This is in participation of Flash in the Pan originating from Red’s Blog


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