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Simple Living

Amish Folk Art

We could all use a little simple living these days with all the technology.

Just Ducky

Folk Art

You’d be surprised how we get ideas from our friends, and fellow bloggers. As I have here when I saw Bo Lumpkin’s working on some Folk Art.  So I thought I’d try my hand at  painting one….actually I did a few, but I’ll show this one today, which is just ducky…pun intended.

Watercolors: Distant Pasture

Distant Pasture

I had some time this afternoon to do a painting since my good ole husband tended to the the neighbors dogs for the second of fours trips over there today. I thinking about all this cold weather coming upon us and it got me to thinking of our up coming trip home, which in turn reminded my of our road trip here and all the beautiful pastures I see along the way. So it’s more of a spring painting.

Watercolors on 140 lb. weight watercolor paper.

Oil Pastels: Keith’s Barn…North Pennine Gallery

Thinking about my friend, Keith today, and remembering how he recently told me he missed my barn, ocean and bird paintings. So just for you Keith, I created this barn with oil pastels…Hope you like it…I’m not going to stop drawing and painting these. 😉

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