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Today is an Important Day!

It’s My Birthday today!…Yay!

100_6605 - Copy


I’m 2 years old today!

I’m full grown at almost 3 lbs. But sometimes I loose a few ounces, but I don’t want to talk about that.

Today I get to get some new toys, from Mom and Dad,

and some extra special treats that agree with my sensitive tummy.

I also know that I will get to play lot of games today,

but my favorite is tug of war like I’m playing in the above video.

Cici Birthday age 2

Cici Age 2

Then mommy put this party hat on my head,

but I took it off right away cos I don’t like anything on my head.

Zombie Trapped in Hole


Fraz’s Wombie Trap

Fraz wanted to trap a zombie for pinching and stealing the pancakes.

He got Cici, who hates zombies to dig a deep hole for him.

Then Fraz covered the hole with grass and twigs and gently set a pancake on top of it.

The Zombie fell for it….literally.

For more amazing adventures of Fraz go to…


© 2013

Snow Clean-Up

100_6573 - Copy


Cassie told her Daddy she needed the snow pushed  out of the drive so she could go for a walk…a-hem, among other things.

Mitch doesn’t mind doing it, once he gets started.

The space you see between our drive and the house across the way is not our street. It’s the rest of our driveway that leads to a road on both ends….He’ll have someone come out and clear that since the drive is very long, and steep.

It’s also calling for more snow Saturday.

CAM00027 - Copy

Cici Staring

Then Cici decided she wanted me to post her Daddy pushing the snow, and sat right by my laptop watching me till I got it all done and published.

They Took All My Natural Clothes!

Cici…after a summer grooming.

Look What Big Eyes I Have Grandma!…and Ears!

I went to the groomer yesterday to get a my summer haircut and they took all my clothes. Why? Because I go to the beach often and get full of sand and it has to be rinsed out of my hair after each trip to the beach so it don’t dry my skin out. And bathing me when my hair is short goes much easier for me when it has to get rinsed that often. But look, now I have to wear even a thicker sweater when I’m in the house. But mommy cuddles me so much more after hair cuts so I kinda like it for that reason. Plus no more tangles…I hate those.

P.S. I didn’t give up my cloths without a fight!

and later this evening…sometime after this post was made. My Uncle Andro put this on his sidebar for me….

Thank you, Uncle Andro!…Doggie hugs to you!

You can visit him at http://andro54.wordpress.com/, but you have to knock on his gates to to enter.

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