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Snow Clean-Up

100_6573 - Copy


Cassie told her Daddy she needed the snow pushed  out of the drive so she could go for a walk…a-hem, among other things.

Mitch doesn’t mind doing it, once he gets started.

The space you see between our drive and the house across the way is not our street. It’s the rest of our driveway that leads to a road on both ends….He’ll have someone come out and clear that since the drive is very long, and steep.

It’s also calling for more snow Saturday.

CAM00027 - Copy

Cici Staring

Then Cici decided she wanted me to post her Daddy pushing the snow, and sat right by my laptop watching me till I got it all done and published.

A Beach Day

A few photos from a recent day at the beach.


My sweet Cassie with Cici in the background. Can you see that Cassie’s harness is falling off? We took a break from picture taking  to re-adjust it for her.

Cici is mad because Cassie is on Mommy’s lap

Oh my, if looks could kill I would be dead right now. Cici was not happy to find her new sister Cassie on my lap.

Sand Dollar and Scotch Bonnet

We found these two gems walking along the shoreline line. I’m very fond of both.

Sunset over Pamlico Sound

At the end of our beach day we went home and enjoyed the sunset over the  Pamlico Sound behind our little beach house also known as a  5th wheel or camper.


Hi there! You remember me don’t you?…I’m Cassie and my mommy and daddy adopted me about 8 weeks ago. I’m very happy here too.

Mommy knew I need my shots but waited till Cici was due for her shots so we could both be due for shots the same time each year, which we just got last week here on the Island.

The day after mommy adopted me she took a close look at my teeth. I think what prompted her was my icky breath. When she looked at my teeth she said, “Oh My!!”  When she took me in to get my shots the vetman examined my teeth . He told mommy and daddy I needed them cleaned very badly and some teeth had to come out. A few days later I had to go back there. When I did they stuck me again with a sharp thing and I feel asleep, when I woke up I felt something was missing…

And looked like this.

The next image is not as blurry

I heard the vetman talk to mommy on the phone when I was ready to go home. He said to mommy,  “I had to pull 12 bad teeth, but all the teeth that are needed for biting, chewing and playing ball are still in my mouth.

Mommy and Daddy still loves me and thinks I’m just as pretty as ever, and are very happy that I feel much better with those rotten teeth gone. But Daddy jokes and calls me, “Snaggletooth.”

It’s been 3 days since they were pulled and I feel really good and eat better too.


I think I have found me a good home now.

Cassie and Cici Size Differences for Novroz

My friend Novroz  wanted to see a picture of Cassie and Cici together to see the difference in their sizes. Cici being the wiggly little stinker that she is made it take a while before acceptable images could be produced.

Cici weighs 2.5 lbs which is 1.13 kg and Cassie weighs 8lbs which is 3.6 kg

Cici is a Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier), and Cassie is a Dorkie (Dachshund and Yorkie mix)

Left to Right: Cici and Cassie

The above  image was taken right before we left to come to the Island.

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