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Fraz, His Brave Chicken, and the Trapped Zombie

Fraz looked all weekend for the brave chickens he heard about on the news this lastThursday. Finally he found one and asked the chicken to make the zombie be quiet in the trap.

The chicken said “I will dance for the zombie, and that will shut him up. But, if the zombie won’t be quiet it will break out in chicken-pox at over it’s face.”

Wombie-Fraz-chicken-zombie-2013-06-16-signed - Copy

Fraz’s Wombie Trap

 The Zombie got scared from the chicken’s dancing, therefore the zombie made a lot of noise. As a result, it broke out in chicken-pox all over it’s face.

But hey, Fraz is well entertained.

© 2013

Don’t forget to visit Fraz at Wombania where all the action is.

Zombie Trapped in Hole


Fraz’s Wombie Trap

Fraz wanted to trap a zombie for pinching and stealing the pancakes.

He got Cici, who hates zombies to dig a deep hole for him.

Then Fraz covered the hole with grass and twigs and gently set a pancake on top of it.

The Zombie fell for it….literally.

For more amazing adventures of Fraz go to…


© 2013

Zombie Fest

A little something for Halloween entertainment week.

Zombie Cat

Zombie Dog

Icky Zombie Dude

Zombie on a Stick

Halloween Week, everyone!

All are watercolor paintings © 2012

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