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Snow Day and Fraz

While the snowfall is plenty and the temperatures are cold, I still built me a snowman, just not outside. I made this one instead and had just as much fun.



Then I thought is would be fun to incorporate Fraz, since I know if it’s snowing out he would surely build a snowman.


Fraz and Snowman

If you don’t know who Fraz is you can visit him at his home at:


Santa Winky Claus


Santa Winky Claus

Merry, Merry Christmas to everyone!

Santa Winky has got his bag of goodies, and I do believe he has an unlimited supply of chocolate, wine gums and other yummy goodies. So gather around and tell Santa Winky what goodie you want for Christmas!

To find out what else Santa Winky is up to be sure to visit him at home at:


May you all have the most happiest and joyful holidays!

© 2014

The Last Frontier


Fraz in Alaska

Being that Fraz is so adventurous I thought I’d get him his own little place out in Alaska, and of course a warm zippered snow suit to keep him warm.

Now I don’t know if he is thinking of building a snowman, or thinking of the chocolate waiting for him in his own warm cabin.

To find out what else Fraz is up to be sure to visit him at:


© 2014

Happy Wombat Day 2014


Happy Wombat Day Everyone!

One can only hope that after Winky digs into this cake that there will be some for my Wombie clan awaiting their turn for a piece of it. Don’t worry, I have lots of treats for all Wombies all over the world.

My clan in line behind Winky is Buzz, Shadow, Cookie, Chewy, Pinky, Tink and Dink

About the drawing: It is two previously created drawings incorporated into one. “Family portrait” here, and “A Surprise for Winky” here

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