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Meet Buzz, my youngest of all my Wombies

adoption-wombies-deb-little-guy2-trans-overalls Buzz

Buzz is a very young and small Wombie.

He is even smaller than this older brother Shadow who is all a small wombie, but not as small as Buzz


Buzz and Shadow

Buzz is a very fast little Wombie and zooms from one room to the other getting in to all sorts of things. Yesterday he went right out the door without telling anyone and I found him outside in the cold in his bare feet. It was then that I named him Buzz, which is NOT short for buzzard

wombie-buzz-overalls-winter-scene - Copy-3

Buzz is a good boy who just happens to be very curious and very hungry for chocolate.

And he like his new bunk too, though he wants to be on the top.

Where did I get him you may ask?

From the Wombania adoption center

Thank you, Wombania!!!

Happy Wombat Day 2013

Wombie_Wombat Day 2013-10-12-blue background

As most of you know, my, Mitch’s, our Wombie Shadow who likes to go fishing for Chocofish is celebrating his 1st Wombat Day with us. In his honor Tink and Cookie (2 of my 5 Wombies) have made a fish shaped chocolate cake decorated as a gold fish, and put a pair of dark, milk and white chocolate fish on top of the traditional chocolate covered chocolate cake. After Shadow posed for this picture, he and the rest of my Wombie clan hurried over to Wombania for the big Wombat Day bash! See you there!

© 2013

Settled Once and For All


Wombie’s Bedroom

Since we only stay in a 5th wheel during the spring and summer on Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks we needed more room to house our five Wombies, Dink, Tink, Cookie, Chewy and Shadow for bedtime. As you can see in the above photo the project is finished outside of them filling the room up with their things and replacing the pictures behind their bunks with things they each want to look at. You may also notice there is room for another Wombie on the back, bottom bunk, just in case we’d like to fill it with a wombie…Yeah, I know  crazy smiley 5

Each time I, no, make that, we, adopt a Wombie, whether it be one, or a pair, it  seems the sleeping arrangements has to change. So this time we  decided to be more prepared, not only for the possible future adopted wombies, but for whenever the girls or boys wanted one of their close relatives over for a slumber party. And you know by now who those Wombie would be, right? You still don’t know? Well it would be Binky, Winky, Twink and Fraz of course.

Now lets take a closer wider look at the whole room in the photo below.

test beds

Full View of the Wombie’s Bedroom

Ah, that’s better.

With the thought in mind of visiting Wombies I knew I needed beds…lots of beds….After all, my wombies have lots of other relatives their fond of like,Coco and Vanille, Claret and Bruno, Violet and Daisy, Crash and Teddy, and Victoria and Victor.

Being that  our Wombies are adopted out of Canada, they each have a  Hudson’s Bay Canadian, striped blanket. But to tell you the truth I didn’t know that till my good friend, Peter from  Wombania shared that with me….thank you, Peter!

Where is this room within our 5th wheel camper,you may ask?

Well, it’s not inside.

Camper with Wombie's attached bedroom3-2

Wombie’s Bedroom Exterior

Mitch, ordered one of those large Amish Storage building on ebay, put in some electric, heating, and an air conditioner then housed all their bunk beds inside. Then Dink wanted to build the steps that lead to the door all by himself, but it looks like Mitch will have to be doing some handy work later. Mitch thinks he did a pretty good job though and is very proud of him.

So there you have it. we now have enough bed space to sleep 12 Wombies…moreif they double up in beds.

Lord help me! I’m going to need it!…and lots of chocolate, wine gums and spam! 😯


Original creator of the Wombies by Peter at Wombania

Bunk beds found on Pinerest.

Camper before the add-on

Mitch’s New Shadow

Meet Shadow

Shadow-Mitch's Wombie-2013-03-22-cropped

Shadow was adopted byMitch’s (my husband) from the Wombania Adoption Center at Wombania.

The Adoption Center looked long and hard to find just the right Wombie that would be compatible with my husband, and finally they found one that liked to go fishing.

Shadow-fishing pole-cargo pants-fishing vest

Mitch and I couldn’t wait to take Shadow shopping for fishing clothing, and found an outfit that Shadowed liked so we got it for him. Shadow is officially our little fisherman fisherwombie.

Mitch eagerly taught Shadow everything he knew about fishing. Then off fishing they went on the shore of Hatteras Island.

Mitch and Shado with their catch of the day-2013-03-23-3 - Copy

Mitch and Shadow with their Catches of the Day

Mitch caught a Puppy Drum and Shadow caught just what he was fishing for…a chocolate fish!!

Shadow was so proud of his catch of the day that his Dad (Mitch) took him to the local tackle shop to see if Shadow and his Chocolate fish cold be recorded.


Shadow got his first fishing Citation !

Shadow was very excited, and his Dad was so proud of him that he took  to the local Scotch Bonnet Fudge to let him pick out 30 lbs. of his favorite fudge.  Then later Dad took Shadow to the local tee shirt shop.

Shadow-Get Reel-3

To get a slick screened tee shirt for a real fisherwombie!!

Then Shadow went to his favorite place in the world…Wombania Comic. You should join him!

* All Wombies are copywrite to Peter Marinacci.

* Clothing by Deb Adams, except the fishing pole. Peter gave him that. 🙂

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