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First Day of Spring 2015

2015-03-20 09.00.13

Spring 2015

Welcome to our Spring

As if winter hasn’t already been long enough for most, old man winter had to decide to bare his head for one more visit with 4″ of snow. It’s still snowing out too.



Oh No!…I can’t reach my hat and scarf

Digitally drawn

© 2013

Fraz On His New Sled

Go Fraz!

Fraz got new sled. He practiced on a bunny slopes for a while so he could be really good for this coming winter….Now look what he can take on!!…Yay Fraz!

See what else Fraz is up to at Wombania

About this artwork: Watercolors

Deb Adams copyright 2012

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Last Week’s Winter

Seeking more of a watercolor look in my endeavors with digital painting… I painted last weeks winter.

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