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The Widow’s Walk

The Widow’s Walk

I hate trying to come up with a title for my artwork and often ask my husband if he has any ideas, but he like myself has a bit of trouble with that as well. So here I am with my latest painting ready to upload and post and I have no title for it. After starring and starring at the painting for what seemed like a lifetime, I told my husband, “this is me walking alone on the beach after you are gone,” then instantly out of this mouth, he said, “The Widow’s Walk!!” I almost wet my pants laughing about him saying that!, I told him “I can’t name it that.” Well… apparently I thought I could.

Watercolors on 140lb press watercolor paper.


Window Shopping

P_Window Shopping

Window Shopping

Charcoal and graphite’s

© 2009

The Waiting One

The Waiting One

The Waiting One

Charcoal  portrait drawing

Depiction a woman with umbrella in the early to late 1800’s.

I created this drawing using my charcoal cotton cloth technique.

I use charcoal pencil to draw the umbrella, and a tortillon for blending.

© 2008

By charcoal artist, Debbie Adams

All artworks are the copyright property of Debbie Adams and may not be copied or reproduced.

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